Reading the playing card spades – Regina Russell’s system. 15 card layout.

Today I am featuring the 15 card layout using a standard deck of cards (Jane Lyle’s Fortune Teller Deck). I do my best to answer the many emails I get about this system by writing a post so that I can offer some guidance in how to read the cards.   🙂

You will have to zoom into the image to get a better view of the Reading. I will be focusing on the one month spot which is the far right and the bottom fan as it contains a very important spade card for a combination.

Jane Lyle's Fortune Tellers Deck

Jane Lyle’s Fortune Tellers Deck

Far right fan of cards.  8♠ 4♠ 10♠

Before I begin studying the trio of spades I would like to say a few things about the middle fan of cards namely Q♠  2♣  8♣. These three cards talk about a darker haired female. She could be divorced, widowed, life experienced or in a saddened state of mind. The 2♣ following this Q♠ could suggest she will be giving a gift but given the cards that follow I suspect it’s about some sort of “help”. The 8♣ is a conversation card. It also means an offer of work or change of job (confirmed by the 7 in the left fan of cards). 8♣  7  = changing jobs.

I should also do a brief overview before I get to the three spades which are the topic of today’s post. As you all know, all the cards are linked up to each other in some way. I do want to point out that 7♥ plus 4 in the far left fan of cards means a second marriage and the 10♣ in the middle indicates a trip (there are two 10’s) or wedding out-of-state/province. The trip could be a simply out of town.

The 10♣ also suggests water or fluids and we need to keep this in mind since the troublesome 8♠ + 9♠ are in the layout suggesting surgery.  In past readings, I have seen these three cards which I just mentioned to indicate pneumonia. 

Ok, moving right along the 8♣ leads to the 8♠ which could indicate that there will be conversation about some medical issue, illness 4♠. Regina states in her book to look to the cards beside the 4♠ to determine which part of the body could be involved.  8♠ = gall bladder and 10♠ = digestive system. The 4♠ represents the liver. So, all this is in the abdominal area.

The 10♠ indicates increasing worry. Coupled with 8 in the upper fan of cards it can suggest an inner emotional turmoil. This is one heavy duty fan of cards. The one month spot will be a toughie. There could be grave worry during in one month’s time.

There are two 8’s (actually three) and two 9’s in the layout suggesting a drop/loss of weight for someone. It could very well be anyone closely connected to the consultant.

Bottom fan of cards. Q  J  9♠

Here we have two courts cards side by side and when combined this duo means the return of an old flame or love interest because one of them is a . A

This fan ends in a ♠. It is the two month spot. It’s all about delays, problems and things which perhaps are not wanted or hard to face.

The 9♠ is a card of deep disappointment. This can upset can involve an old friend/lover. It could also be linked to him or her. The two Queens in the corners of the fans suggest a female in uniform. I’m thinking this might be a nurse as the 2♣ in very near.

Before I actually read the entire layout which is not my intention 🙂 , I will wrap it up. There will be talk of a surgery for sure. Whether it actually takes place within the two month time frame is another story. I would really like to have seen the Ace♣ to make that prediction.

There is additional information within this layout and there are other possibilities other than the ones I have detailed. Cards tell a story and often more than one story.

One thought on “Reading the playing card spades – Regina Russell’s system. 15 card layout.

  1. I think the 2C is representing within “2” months most likely, for the tests, which won’t be so good. The 2C is not only a gift or favor but also a short amount of time, which is why I would read it this time period. The doctor or professional KD at the top of the spread shows a capable and intelligent man who will bring balance 8H that is a result of energy healing (9D) or his own wishes or querant’s wishes. A meeting about this 8C in a short amount of time 2C. I feel good about the results. Thanks for sharing and blessings.

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