36 Russian cards by Victor Sveshnikov

Based on my research the cards in the images come from a very rare 30-year-old deck of playing cards. Artist Victor Sveshnikov. I must say the deck I have recently obtained from Latvia is in excellent condition.

These cards are a bit smaller than a standard bridge deck with only a trace of plastic coating. Interestingly, there are 36 cards in the deck versus 32 or 52 which is a more common number.

The images on the cards appear to be every day scenes. I did not receive any instructions for this deck. I’m sure it is not intended for readings but I do think you could tell a fortune or two just by looking at the images. You can tell fortunes with just about anything if you assign meanings to whatever tool you are using. 

The 9 gives the impression of allegiance.

9 hearts vintage Russian deck
vintage Russian deck
I love the backs of these cards which can be seen in the lower right hand corner of the image.
vintage Russian deck diamonds
I’ve yet to compare the cards to some of my other European decks to see if there are any common themes. I thought I would share these images in case you own a deck like this and have some additional information you might be so kind as to offer in the comments section.  

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