Palladin Playing cards by Laura Sutherland

I was very pleased when Laura Sutherland got in touch with me with some additional information about the very intriguing and beautiful Palladin playing cards.

The information below is from Laura, the artist of the Palladin deck. Many thanks Laura.

“I did some fortune telling at a crafts fair with this deck of cards, although they were not intended as fortune telling cards. There were two editions of this deck. The first edition was called Sutherland-Brown Playing Cards and the cards were pretty crude as they were cut by a round corner machine – that was in 1977. The second edition was printed a few years later and in a slightly larger edition – -Palladin Playing Cards – which is what you have. They were manufactured by a regulation card printing company so the decks were cut as a whole deck by a machine and they are the proper size, etc. I’m glad you like them! I also sold the Palladin Playing Cards through the New Yorker magazine in the 1980s.”

Palladin Playing Cards


Artist Laura Sutherland.

Artist Laura Sutherland.

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