How to read playing cards in the Trigger layout.

I’m pretty sure I have featured playing cards in the Trigger layout over the past years of blogging. In the earlier years I didn’t use as many tags as I do now so this might explain why those posts do not come up when you do a search.

I am offering today’s post for those who are specifically interested in learning how to read playing cards in the 12 card Trigger layout. The meanings for the card can be located in Regina Russell’s Card Readers Handbook. I use this cartomancy system frequently but the Trigger layout is not limited to just this playing card system. You can explore with your own.

The usual shuffle was done, cards cut 3x to the left with the left hand (my particular method) and then the piles were reassembled into one pile. I did not choose a significator card which would have been one of the court cards.  The playing cards of choice was Jane Lyle’s Fortune Tellers Deck.

➡ Time frame for the Immediate Column is 2 weeks and the time frame for the Soon column is one month. You need to decide on the time frame of the Reading as you are shuffling the cards.

The YOU card is 6– the topic of the Reading

YOU card 6 of Hearts is the Topic

6 of Hearts is the Topic

The Reading

trigger layout Jane Lyle's Fortune Teller deck Sept 15, 2014
The brief interpretation that I am suggesting is definitely not all there to these cards. It is an example of the process in reading the Trigger Layout.

I want to talk about the topic card 6 a bit more in detail because it is important to have a really good idea what this Reading most likely is all about. From the Card Readers Handbook some of the meanings for this card are as follows:

  • love affair
  • son or son-in-law
  • a brother
  • a male friend
  • faith and trust
  • Karmic relationship
  • working out of Karma

Now we need to choose one of those meanings. I think this Reading is about a relationship. The reason I chose that meaning is because the King ♣ falls beneath it and when these two cards are combined it does mean a love affair or relationship.

Ok, we have established the topic or theme. Next…

We scan/read the Trigger row.  10 6 7♣ Ace ♠.  From the past card we can see that the 10 is all about building a sound and happy marriage/relationship. There are other meanings for this 10 but it is best to narrow down the meanings so that they make sense with the topic of the Reading. I do want to say that all the cards in the layout will give you a variety of predictions but I’m trying to keep this a simple process to get the ball rolling. 😆

Moving along in the Trigger row we can see the 7♣ in the Immediate column which suggest an argument or some sort of negotiation within 2 weeks. This negotiation can be a discuss about the relationship/marriage 10. The final card in the Soon column is the Ace ♠. When this Ace falls over a fan of cards it indicates a decision is yet to be made within one month.  That is an inconclusive prediction because it will take longer than one month to sort this particular difference of opinion 7♣.

Past: 9♣ 10 2♣

The cards in the past are usually about the same time frame as the Soon Column. This means about one month ago the person getting the Reading (most likely a female) has done some traveling 9♣ with her partner 10. She would have also benefited 2♣ from this time together with her man. Maybe he gave her a gift 2♣ as well or they went to an entertainment facility 10.  Whatever it was it was all good.

Now: 2 6♥ King♣

Currently there is a small financial issue 2 being discussed. This 2 card means many things as well such as restaurant and creative ideas. This situation involves her partner or the man she is involved with at the time 6 + K♣.

Immediate: 7♠ 7♣ 8♠

The next couple of weeks are going to be very frustrating. The 7♣ is closed in by two spades. The argument will be quite serious. Double 7’s also indicate it will be an unexpected situation. Looks like there will be no immediate solution and there may be a waiting time 7♠ involved to resolve this. One of the meanings for first card is a problem with drugs or alcohol. Depending on why the argument even began there will be further investigation 8♠ into the facts. The last card points to an appointment being made which is medical in nature.

Soon: 4♠ Ace♠ 9♦

Within one month’s time someone’s health will need addressing 4♠. This might explain why this couple did argue. Maybe the female is telling her partner to slow down because he is showing signs of exhaustion. Maybe he is drinking too much which isn’t helping matters at all. As I have said in previous post the final Trigger card is very important. Luckily, this is not an overly “bad” spade. It’s a decision. It can also be a new situation.

The 9 coupled with the 4♠ indicates the person is capable of healing themselves. This is good. This card also has many other positive meanings. It shows some extra money coming in. The couple did discuss a small financial matter. Her partner could be working extra hours 7♣ on his job which is tiring 4♠ him out.  I think when the 9 is combined with the Ace♠ it suggests a very strong-minded individual (the partner) who know how to manifest solutions to problems.

Of course this Reading could be about the female cheating with the King♣ and her husband 10 catching them at the restaurant 2and this leads to a big fight 7♣. As a result he will be deciding A♠ the future of the marriage but will take his sweet time 4♠.  🙂   

One thought on “How to read playing cards in the Trigger layout.

  1. Couldn’t the trigger row also be a male friend and inquerent trying to make a decision about going to a place of amusement??

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