Trigger Layout Instructions with Gipsy cards interpretation

How to read the 12 card Trigger layout.

There are many posts written about this layout with quite a few different decks.

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12 card Trigger layout

12 card Trigger layout

Before I go ahead and interpret this layout I do want to explain a few things for those you that are experimenting with this spread. Understanding how layouts work is just as important as knowing what the cards mean. There is always the temptation ūüėÜ to read left to right horizontally even when doing layouts with designated positions.¬†

Trigger Row Cards

The Trigger card is provoked or triggered by the root card. It remains “triggered” and¬†will create the consequential experience¬†of the¬†result card.

The four Triggers cards are a snapshot of the Reading. LOVER MESSAGE DEATH MERRIMENT

The partner of the female (lover, husband, boyfriend, special friend) plays an important role in the consultants recent past. There will be further communication with this couple. The discussions will involve a variety of situations. Some of these can be about things that will end. It can be bad news. It can be a problem. Also, nothing of importance can materialize. The last and most important card of the Trigger layout will show you the outcome. It will end with a celebration of victory or renewed joy.

Root Cards

These cards fall in the top row. A root card is the foundation of the prediction in that COLUMN.

PAST COLUMN: The root card LETTER is connected to the LOVER card. He has gotten some news or notification. He could also have some information on his mind which has brought to his attention. He will be stuck in the past during the time frame of this Reading.

NOW COLUMN: the root card FALSENESS is connected to the MESSAGE card. At the current time there is mixed feelings about the decision of the past.

IMMEDIATE COLUMN: the time frame is set for one month. You can assign whatever time frame you want prior to shuffle. Most people prefer sooner rather than later when asking questions or when there is an interest in how a situation will turn out.

The root card BABY show a new development shortly. This card can represent a needy situation stemming from the Widow’s influence in the now column.

SOON COLUMN: the root card GIFT brings help and acts of kindness into the theme of the Reading (Trigger Row). We can see all will end well.

Result Cards

These cards fall in the bottom row. A result card is the consequence of the prediction in that COLUMN.

PAST COLUMN: the result card JUDGE suggests the partner has made a decision.

NOW COLUMN: the result card WIDOW indicates there is news around a widow, older woman or a situation¬†of “cold hearted” feelings.

IMMEDIATE COLUMN: the result card SWEETHEART is the consultant. She will have a lot to shoulder and much depends on how she responds to all which will unfold. Also, she is not dwelling in the past as she in a future column.

SOON COLUMN: the result card CONSTANCY provides reassurance that most situations between the consultant and her partner will remain the same.

If this last card was negative, for example the Misfortune card, it will not take away from the positiveness of the MERRIMENT card. The Soon Trigger card is the strongest energy. The reverse is also true. If the Trigger card was Sadness and the Soon result card was Fortune this would mean that despite any well-meaning influences the overall consequences will still have degrees of emotional turmoil.

Summary of the Reading:

The consultant has experienced a decision by a decision her partner had just made in the recent past. Since the MESSAGE card in the You Trigger Card much of what will be going on between this couple involves external situations. There are no love cards in this layout. There are some things which are unclear which may involve an older female. Within one month’s time there will some new situations but because the Immediate Trigger card is Death advancement will be very slow if at all. The consultant is more affected by the standstill than the partner. The next three months all will fall where it should. There is a settling of the external situations the couple will get through everything even though there may be some news which could be viewed as “bad”.

The above was just a general overview of the Trigger Layout featuring the Gipsy cards.

Most of the time I pre-select the Significator prior to shuffle. 

The procedure below is done only if you select a Significator.

  • start with Past Root card in the far top left corner
  • lay the remainder cards¬†horizontally, continue with second row
  • lay card¬†prior to YOU¬†card and then lay a card after the YOU¬†card to end of row
  • continue with the third row in the Past Result card straight across ending with the Soon Result card
Trigger Layout template

Trigger Layout template

8 thoughts on “Trigger Layout Instructions with Gipsy cards interpretation

  1. How do I order this book? I think it contains lots of helpful and practical information to lay out the cards in an honest way

  2. Hi Seaqueen!
    I tried a trigger layout using my zigeuner cards and I got stumped with a card in the trigger row. I guess everyone has those cards in a deck that make them go Hmmm. Mine is the Thief card when it’s placed in an odd spot.


    I’m not sure about Thief right after both significator cards.
    I looked at your posts on thief and ecclesiastic and my guess is that something I (sweetheart) was expecting from the Lover was taken or delayed and I’m missing the communication from him, but Ecclesiastic at the end is positive and tells me to have faith, as what was expected will come. Is that a plausible interpretation?

    I really appreciate any input you’re willing to give.

    • Hello. Thank you for your question. The Thief is a shady kind of card. When next to the Ecclesiastic it is important to uphold honesty and dedication between man and woman. Doing the right and proper things will lead to better results in the Immediate/Soon columns. Yes, the Ecclesiastic is all about faith and that the ‘right’ approach will win the day. The ‘right’ approach is keeping one’s word. Your view on the cards is very plausible. Hope that helps. Seaqueen

  3. Hi Seaqueen, in this layout I see the Letter card and the Message card. Is there any difference between those two cards.I noticed that in the Message card coins and letters are being dropped. As I am new to the gypsy cards I would appreciate your help. Thank you!

    • Hello. Thanks for your question. The Letter card is usually in written form such as email (these days) by postal delivery or actual documents. The Message card would be more in conversations, other people’s stuff, via Skype (these days) or by word of mouth. The cards are influenced by cards near them as well. Yes, the coins and letter are being dropped from a level above the world (our thought patterns). Hope that helps. Seaqueen

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