Does cartomancy practice really make perfect?

Why are some Readers better at reading cards than others? Does practice make perfect?

I must have dedicated at least 30,000 hours into the study of card systems in particular the Tarot deck. Mind you that 30,000 hours spanned over four decades averaging 2 hours per day give or take. I have never found it difficult to read cards. It was a very natural process for me with an almost déjà vu feeling. 

I practiced the clarinet during my high school years every day. One hour of band practice in the morning and one hour after school plus the music assignments over the weekend. First I had to get acquainted with the Clarinet and all its parts and how to make the sounds. Then, I had to learn to read music. That part came quite easily. I was the lead Clarinetist in the school band and played the solo parts in our competitions but I had to work really hard at trying to master the Clarinet. No amount of practice would have made me a really good Clarinetist. It just wasn’t a natural skill I had even though I had a really good ear for music.

A person’s innate talents/skills has a lot to do with whether they become an expert or remain mediocre

An instrument is similar to the cards.

You have the parts of the deck which are the individual cards and their meanings. The meanings aren’t quite that simple since there are various teachings on what each card means. After you narrow down the most “common” meanings you practice for hours and hours memorizing those meanings. Then you practice more by using the cards in the layouts to learn all about combination meanings/techniques, etc. Given all that, can you put it all together to become an expert card Reader? 

And then,
you have those card readers who practice very little, understand what happens to the card meanings when they are in combinations in various layouts and deliver an outstanding Reading. This type of card Reader knows how to read the cards with a minimal amount of study. 

And no,
you do not have to be psychic to read the cards. However, you can experience psychic flashes when reading the cards. You can also be wrong if you do not know the difference between an authentic psychic flash and wishful / imaginative thinking. 

Years ago I firmly believed practice makes perfect. In fact, I would tell my students to practice, practice and practice at the same time to critique their own predictions via feedback. 

Practice does not make perfect and neither does 10,000 hours of study. Mistakes are made all the time when reading cards. These blunders come from misguided information or innocent oversights. The important thing is to be aware of the miscalculations. 

Back to my original train of thought. With so many ideas swirling around in my head eventually I get to the point. What is the general definition of the two words “innate” and “learned or learn-ed”?

  • Innate: natural skill, unlearned, intuitive
  • Learned: knowledge through study, acquired skill

In my view, most card Readers have learned and innate abilities. Sometimes one is stronger than the other. In a lot of cases, it becomes quite evident which card Reader is book learned and which one isn’t.

I am reminded of a short story involved a local Tarot Reader alleging expertise/greatness and all that self-promoting jazz. I sat in on the Reading as it was for a girlfriend of mine. The man kept repeating the textbook definitions for some of the Tarot cards. Never once did he even put the meanings into his own words. Never once did he look beyond the written words. I could see that he was very unsure of how to read the Tarot in the Celtic cross positions. He just did not blend, adjust or modify the meanings. I wouldn’t even call him a learn-ed card Reader he was more of a “textbook” Reader. In other words, he read the cards by the book.  Was he an expert? He thought so. My girlfriend paid top dollar for that Reading and then complained to me that he sucked.

That brings me to the next topic for a post (in a few days or so). Should you pay for a Reading if you have a dissatisfied feeling after all is said and done??   I will….         🙂               🙂


2 thoughts on “Does cartomancy practice really make perfect?

  1. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s far, far closer to the mark than all the ‘10,000 hours and five years to become proficient’ statements that I see around.

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