Marriage Question. Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. 5 card Advice layout.

A forty year old client has been officially engaged for two years. Her fiancé has told her to go ahead a plan a wedding. The question for the Gipsy Cards (Ciganske karte, Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten) is as follows:

Will the female client get married in 2015?

This question could just as easily be answered with 3 cards after all it is a yes or no. I decided to do the 5 card Advice layout instead to gain additional information. Click on the image for a larger view.

Piatnik Gipsy fortune telling cards

Piatnik Gipsy fortune telling cards

A very simple interpretation follows:

The Basis of the question is the Gift card. This card can be viewed as the actual conversation about planning the wedding which means setting the date and all the other tasks involved. 

The What you know card is Anger. This is a very emotional card. The energy is not conducive to such a question. Since the question was from the female client I would have to say she is experiencing some hard feelings about the whole thing. Maybe they argued about aspects of the wedding like how many guests, big or small reception, location, etc.?

The What you are not seeing card is Marriage. How interesting that this card fell in this spot. The way I want to read the Marriage as the unknown factor is that the female and quite possibly the male are not viewing the marriage plans with the “right” attitude. 

The Advice to follow card is Money. I had to laugh when I saw this card as the advice. Get married for financial security? It doesn’t look like money is an issue. Spend as much as you want on this special event.

The Result of the question is the Misfortune card. Boo on this card showing up as the outcome. It is not the best card for a yes answer. On the other hand it could predict an elopement. Since the Misfortune card can be about emergencies or situations happening fast the couple may take off and get married. 

It would not a good idea to rush into this commitment in 2015. Note: the Misfortune card could also be read as a marriage could “save” the relationship.

After further study more information can be ascertained from these five cards. A nice & simple analysis is the first step.

I predict in a passive voice as the future is not set in stone.


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