Jane Lyle’s Fortune Teller deck using Regina Russell’s system

I have used Regina Russell’s system for many decades. Also, I have written a number of posts on some of the different layouts offered in her book, “Card Readers Handbook.” Today, I am asking a delicate question relating to some challenges I am facing with one of my eyes. Normally, I would record this reading in my playing cards journal but decided to share it with you.

I am using the Marriage spread which can be found in the handbook. This layout is not just for marriage/relationship questions it can be used for all questions. Featured in the image is the beautiful Fortune Teller deck by Jane Lyle.

As a rule this layout covers approximately 2 months and so my question is based around that time frame.  Question: what will the condition of my eye be over the next 2 months?

Jane Lyle's Fortune Teller Deck

Jane Lyle’s Fortune Teller Deck

Three court cards suggest other people involved which makes sense. The King of Diamonds is probably the Optometrist and the 2 Queens could be medical assistants. There are 2 spades. The trigger or pivotal card is 7♠ which could prove a little troublesome. There are 3 clubs suggesting a busy energy.

➡ The first column Q♠ + 3♣ denotes the recent past. These cards are the background to the question. It is the reason I am asking the question.

➡ The last column 8♣ + 7♠ represents the current or now energy around the question.

➡ The middle column K + Q♣ will reveal the results or outcome of the question. Here we have two court cards and that is something I would rather not have seen in this spot. Why? Well, it won’t be a very concise answer so much of the answer will come from linking the other cards.

Let’s talk about the 7♠.  This is a card of waiting. Not much is accomplished within the 2 months time span. Medication is represented by the 7♠. I will have to be patient as there will be some setbacks which will be more frustrating than serious (I hope).

So far we know, I will continue to stay busy (3 clubs). I will be interacting with several individuals (3 court cards) which can be related to just about anything. The 7♠ is coupled with the 8♣, the card of conversations. The 8♣ is a work card. I will have to work at being patient (7♠) and overcoming whatever it is that is on my path over the next two months.  It is a card of adaptation – how appropriate. There could be talk of taking meds.

The K + Q♣ , Q♠ + K, these duos can be a number of individuals involved in my process. The reason I thought the K  was an eye doctor was because he was coupled with the Q♠. This is a “common sense” summary given the circumstances and the nature of the question. The K could be someone else. The Q♣ represents me. It’s all up to me how the next two months pan out. What kind of advice is that, lol, but I totally understand what it means.

How about the 3♣ in the first column on the left side of the layout? It represent good luck which is telling me that I am fortunate it is not worse. This card also suggests that by helping others I help myself. That would mean I would have to wear the Q♠ ‘s hat – she is in more control of her emotions. 

Did the cards answer my question? Well, in a round about way. Since I did not ask a yes or no question so I did not get a yes or no answer. The condition of my eye over the next 2 months will remain troublesome but I have to deal with it. I will do the 15 card layout for my own records to see if those cards confirm what the 6 card layout revealed. Also, I want to see the bottom fan of 3 cards in that spread because those card will show me what I don’t want to know and quite possibly if there will be any further developments which provide more details than the 2 court cards as the outcome in this layout. 

I predict in a passive voice as the future is not set in stone.

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