3 card Pages of Shustah layout proves to be 100% accurate, again.

As the final post of the month of July I’d like to share a Reading with this amazing deck of fortune-telling cards. I’ve worked with them many, many years and have grown to trust them with delicate questions.

You will notice the cards are trimmed. Also, I rounded the corners. This is one of my older decks as I have several. The colours are quite prominent with the exception of the yellows. They are very pale. One of my other decks has a bright yellow and the other colours are pale instead from so much usage. Of course, the newer decks available should be loaded with colour. This makes the cards a breeze to shuffle but I wouldn’t advise this until you know the title of each card. I have identified the cards for you.

My question was quite simple: I had an unexpected medical appointment (Emerg) on Monday because of one of my eyes. The 3 1/2 hour wait was stressful. I did ask the Pages of Shustah if there will be positive results from the painful testing.  I dated and recorded the Reading in my notebook with key phrases about the cards. In the back of my mind I knew everything should be stable but wasn’t 100% sure. I thought I would be sent home only to return for a scheduled appointment. I was getting that from Blue Return Road + Black Cancer.

Will the tests on my eye have positive results?

Will the tests on my eye have positive results?

In my notes I wrote emotional gain, illumination and increase (yellow coins), indecision, trip and return, decision after observation, look at whole picture (blue return road) and needy, low energy, stay home, side steps, focused on the shell – protection (black Cancer).

This is what happened:

I had several most painful tests. The drops and freezing stung real bad. The probing and bright lights made me sweat with anxiety.  After all was said and done I was told everything was stable and they sent me home.

Luckily the last card was not red or some other challenging card. The crab in the Cancer card is a shell which protects the crab. Basically, this was the doc’s findings. All was protected and no further progression. This card also showed my emotional need for an answer.The Return Road was me going there and back on the same day. The observation part was by the doc. The coins did not represent increase in money which it often does. It meant I would have emotional gain – peace of heart/mind. 

5 star Reading

5 star Reading

2 thoughts on “3 card Pages of Shustah layout proves to be 100% accurate, again.

  1. I was gifted the Shustah deck/book about 27 years ago. I worked for a lady who was a student of Ann Manser, and she gave me the deck/book. I’ve yet to feel really connected to them. Your post inspires me to try to look at them again and differently.

    • Hi Rebecca: How exciting to know a student of Manser’s. The Shustah deck is different and quite profound in messages. I love it mainly because it has proven itself in accuracy over and over. Please join our small but special study group on this deck with some highly talented readers of the Shustah. —-> Pages of Shustah private group <—– Madame Seaqueen.

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