Same question – different answers. Vintage Lenormand & Gipsy (Cigany Kartya) cards. 1/2

Many times I use the simple 4 cards Elements Layout with an assortment of fortune-telling cards. There are many posts detailing this layout at the following link ➡  ELEMENTS LAYOUT Category

Today, I thought I would feature the Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver and the Hungarian Cigany Kartya by Joseph Vincent. My intention is to ask these two decks of cards the same question. I was a little surprised that the cards appeared quite different in energy but that was before I actually studied the layouts. I must say the Vintage Lenormand looked much more promising than the Gipsy cards at first glance. It seems to me I am getting guidance and it is coming from different approaches related to my question. I am quite aware of all the “esoteric” explanations of this sudden challenge I am experiencing.

I also know that the two different systems are addressing the question on multi-levels of understanding. 

As you may know over the last few weeks I have had great eye discomfort. Looking at a computer monitor for any length of time tires my one eye. What better question to ask the cards – will this eye condition situation improve?

The image below is the Elements Layout a very simple 4 card spread. 

4 card Elements Layout

4 card Elements Layout

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver.  

Rootweaver's Vintage Lenormand

Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand

Overview of the Elements layout:

1 SUNThe first situation reflects what is on a person’s mind. The card falling in this spot will reveal what you are thinking about. Even if you don’t ask a question you may be surprised at the first card. Spot on most of the time. The Sun card is suggesting that I am remaining optimistic and trying to look at the brighter side of this current situation doled out to me.

Yes, I would have to agree with that. Earlier this week I went to a Hypnotist mainly for positive affirmations. Each case is different and every individual receives a unique set of instructions (script). I do practice these instructions daily. I am definitely not a stranger to hypnosis. In fact, I engage in self-hypnosis quite often through music and various audio recordings that were created for me in the past. Prayers to Saint Lucy have been sent. She is the patron saint of eyesight (Catholic religion). Various pieces of jewelry have been ordered containing semi-precious stones like green Aventurine and genuine turquoise. Sometimes transits in one’s chart can offer additional information.

Also, I have been thinking about brightness and sunlight since that is something I am not tolerating very well without polarized sunglasses.

2 CLOVERthis position will reveal how you feel about your situation. So, what feelings am I experiencing since this is my Reading?  Due to the positive affirmations I do feel lucky this situation is not worse. My feelings of optimism come and go. Deep down in my heart I am hoping this is a temporary challenge which will be overcome.

3 STARS- Plan of Action. This position of the layout will provide you with guidance. It is what action you should take. To achieve any desired results action must be applied. You can daydream about it all you want but until you show the Universe you are doing something about it you can wait ’til the cows come home.   

The Stars card is one of encouragement. How to put this card into action would mean to recognize the situations in your life. It’s all about acceptance as well. Meditation would come under the rulership of this card which is something I am implementing. In some ways the energy speaks of improvements so that means I am to do all I can to improve my outlook during this time. Can be done and will be done 😉

4 PARK/GARDEN- here we find the results of our question. If you didn’t ask a specific question this last card will indicate what can happen when you act on card #3.  If you do not like the result then you should really study card #3 to find a solution or clues on how to get the results you want. I think each and every card contains positive and negative energy it all depends on how you look at it.

This last card doesn’t surprise me at all. It goes hand in hand with the blue Celestial Bees I received in the –> Pages of Shustah Reading. It speaks of activities involving clubs, social organizations and outings as does the Park/Garden card.

My original question was about improvements. This last card is advising me not to think about it too much and to keep busy. By maintaining a busy schedule you tend to minimize or downplay things that are under the microscope of observation.  Acceptance and recognition (the Stars) is an important step leading to a more active daily life.  There is no point sitting around with a woe is me attitude. The other thing the Park card could be suggesting is to follow through on projects which involve community or to attend functions which take the focus away from what’s being experienced.

Overall, the Vintage Lenormand Reading is quite promising.  The Cigany Kartya Reading looks more challenging, however, the LOVE card is the final card which is hopeful.

Hungarian Cigany Cartya by Joseph Vincent

The Overview of the Hungarian Gipsy cards is continued in the next post. Also, the post will include a comparison of the guidance by each system of cards and why there are such differences.

Hungarian Cigany Kartya

Hungarian Cigany Kartya

HIndsight Reading in one month’s time: Same question – different answers. Vintage Lenormand & Gipsy (Cigany Kartya) cards. 2/2

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