Illustrated Fortune-Telling (32)Playing Card system by Dee Joseph. 2/2

In continuation of the illustrated Fortune-Telling Playing Cards system. I wanted to mention that the accompanying booklet does include a few other shorter layouts such as the 4 card Confirmation Spread (pg 11) and the 6 card Conclusion Spread (pg 13). I suppose it would have been easier to demonstrate the shorter layouts because that way you could see close-ups of the cards much better.  I will proceed with the brief 15 card layout interpretation.

Steps to follow: at this point you should have studied the suit values. Also, pay attention to the guidance in the box to the right of the playing card inset. This can provide you with additional combinations.

Start with your Personal Card. In my case, it is the Queen of Spades. This is the very first card situated in the top left corner.  (See image of complete layout from former post ➡ HERE

In a cartomancy nutshell….

  • The suit values in the image below are as follows:
  • 4 Kings- powerful forces at work for you
  • 3 Queens- drastic changes
  • 3 Tens- a new home or change of residence
  • The Personal Card is counted as #1 – count to the 5th card and read the key phrase on the very top of the card. The image below illustrates the visual process which is about as good as my vision right now, lol. If you click the image it will be enlarged.

My 5th card says, “Organized practical woman” Queen 

Illustrated fortune-telling 32 card system by Dee Joseph

Illustrated fortune-telling 32 card system by Dee Joseph

  • Next step: look at card 4 and match the suit glyph with the suit of card 5. In my example, I have Queen of Diamonds as the 5th card so I would look at the  on the right side of card 4.  Follow me so far, lol. I’ve circled this in the image and have a wavy line connecting the playing card suit to the suit glyph.
  • Arrive at an interpretation following above process. My interpretation on cards in image: The diamonds match- bad luck. The Queen of Diamonds is not between two Aces so that combination meaning isn’t applicable. That would have meant visit of an enemy ….phewwww. It’s the circled part beside the Queen of Diamonds.   Moving along….
  • Next step: look at card 6 and match the suit glyphI placed card 6 beside card 5 so I could get a better view. If you do it this way make sure you put card 6 back to its original spot under the Personal card.
  • Arrive at an interpretation following above process: My interpretation on cards in image: A spiritual person is near to help you. 

Now, you move on to card 9 and do the same procedure.

When you have completed the study of card 9 (plus 8/10) carry on to card 13 (plus 12/14). The above image only shows the top two rows of the three row 15 card layout. Fairly easy to figure out where card 13 situated in row three.

From the image the interpretation of card #9 is as follows: King of Hearts – Married, trustworthy man. The heart suit match to card #8 states tranquil times ahead. Thank goodness for that, lol. Had the KIng of Hearts been near the Queen of Hearts it would have indicated a happy marriage. The heart suit match to card #10 states restlessness.   

Card #13 not shown is 7. The key phrase on the top of this card says achievements. The suit match to card #12 is clubs. The meaning of that match is you will be treated fairly.  The suit match to card #14 is hearts. The meaning states sentimental happiness.

I don’t recall if I had a question.  I will try the shorter layouts at some point.

Voilà  you are done. The next time you do this layout it will be a breeze. All the meanings are on the cards with the exception of the same values which are found on page 8 of the little booklet which is included in this kit.

Part 1/2 –> click here. 

If you are Dee Joseph please contact me if you have a website.

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