Asking the Symbolon about people’s relationships

Today’s post is a demonstration in reading the Symbolon cards using the three card layout which is located in the booklet (included with the deck).  In the past, these cards did provide answers to questions which at times were hard to stomach. By that I mean information was revealed which cut through a lot hullabaloo. When we ask why we are not always prepared to hear what the Symbolon cards tell us. Actually, they are just reminding us of what we already know.

I thought carefully on how to word the general relationship question because this step is important. This deck is designed to answer deeper questions. There is a very easy to follow explanation on pages 8-13 which should be read and understood before attempting any question.

Question: Why are more and more people unable to maintain their romantic relationships?  Let’s see what the cards have to say…..

1994 Symbolon Cards


Tip: The images for all the cards are in the back section of the booklet. I would suggest you set aside an hour or so and identify the names of cards. Trust me, if you follow the simple steps below you will spare yourself a lot of time when searching for card meanings. Initially, it’s really easy to miss the cards so you will have to look carefully for some of them. This way you also get acquainted with the images.

  • Take the card off the top of the deck.
  • Find the card in the section mentioned above.
  • Go to the page mentioned under the image of the card.
  • Remember the name of the card.
  • Go back to the back of the book and write the name on top of the image. 

The Reading: DECEPTION page 86. BLACK MASS page 92. INCOMPATIBILITY page 39.

THE PROBLEM:  The card which falls here describes the issue at hand. It doesn’t have to be a problem per say. It can just be the question. DECEPTION:

In a nutshell, this card suggests that some people are not seeing the reality of their connection with the other person. The more a person doesn’t look at their partner as an individual the more clouded the relationship becomes. Self-trickery is common. A person tends to believe everything is good about the other person and without major flaws but they do exist.  Mind you not all people represent themselves honestly.

THE WAY THROUGH THE PROBLEM: This card offers some advice to solve problems or gives suggestions rooted in the question. BLACK MASS:

This card reminds me of the Tarot Hierophant in a lot of ways. This card is about esoteric dogma as well.  The only way through the belief systems held about relationships is to adopt a more enlightened approach. Not all relationships will follow the “norm”. These days people have different roles which probably would have been laughed at 50 years ago.

The way through the problem of “deception” is to recognize what patterns or habits are being experienced. Do these patterns belong to the “it’s always been done that way” mentality? A perfect example is the expectation of intimacy. This is a gift each person brings to the relationship. It shouldn’t be a given…but it seems to be. That’s just one small example.

THE OUTCOME: The last card should answer your question or reveal a truth you are not remembering. INCOMPATIBILITY:

This is a very strong message for both genders to look at their differences. You are united in a relationship if you join hands and accept the differences instead of trying to change them. If you accept yourself your partner will accept you. Relationships become difficult to maintain when the differences become so great that even holding hands becomes a tedious task. Each person in a relationship should empower the other.

Original post January 20, 2014.

One thought on “Asking the Symbolon about people’s relationships

  1. I use this deck for years – straight to the heart of the matter – no sugar coating – love them. They leave you with no confusion about what is going on around you.

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