Zaraluna – Crystal Prescriptions to heal mind, body and soul.

A few days ago a cartomancy friend of mine told me green Aventurine semi-precious stones are helpful if you have any eye issues, which I do right now. Of course, this stone benefits many other things in your life. I passed on this information to a friend of mine who knows that I believe in the magical power of semi-precious stones.

Before I continue with 2/2 of Dee Joseph’s 32 card system I wanted to feature a cool shop at Etsy. I was going to wait before I wrote this post but I’m not sure just how much eye discomfort I will have to endure over the next few weeks.

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered an artist that is quite knowledgeable about stone properties (Amanda) was custom creating a bracelet for me. Of course, she didn’t know it was for Madame Seaqueen, lol, since I did not contact her directly. Besides that, we (cartomancy/fortune telling on line families) may know who we are but nobody else does.      🙂  

I have so much jewelry but felt something completely new would work better to accommodate my intention of wearing it. I didn’t want anything too extravagant as the healing stones would be the focal point. I checked out Zaraluna’s Etsy shop (check out her link below plus the link to her Facebook Page). Amanda has some wonderful items such as healing kits, jewelry, bracelets and semi-precious stones….and more. 

Below is an image of the Rhodonite key chain available in the Etsy shop. The image doesn’t show the top part of the key chain. The bail on the Rhodonite is exquisite.



The genuine Rhodonite faceted pendant crystal healing key chain is only $9.95 USD. It is my understanding every healing crystal comes with instructions which is an added bonus. (I remember one time I ordered a package of 5 stones and that’s exactly what I got…5 stones. Since three of them were so similar in shading I couldn’t really tell which stone was what). 

ZARALUNA’s shop at Etsy

ZARALUNA’s Facebook Page 

The image below is the bracelet I will be receiving in a few weeks. The size is adjustable as well. There are 3 green Aventurine stones and 2 genuine turquoise nuggets. Turquoise also helps in healing as well as so many other things. These two stones will have such powerful healing energy together. Kaboom!

bracelet aventurine

I can’t wait for my gift to arrive so that I can wear it.  Isn’t it beautiful!

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