Illustrated Fortune-Telling (32) Playing Cards by Dee Joseph 1/2

Greetings: I have not been able to write much lately due to an eye disturbance situation I am currently experiencing. Today I’d like to feature a simple cartomancy system by Dee Joseph with a brief demonstration on how to do the layout.

The Illustrated Fortune-Telling Playing Cards system contains a 17 page guidebook and 32 playing cards with meanings right on them.

Doing a Layout:

  • Before you begin take the 32 card deck and hold it face down in both your hands. This little step will cleanse them. You don’t need to do any grand techniques for this process unless you feel it necessary.
  • Next: find your personal card. On page 4 there is a list of cards for single, married and widowed individuals. I wasn’t sure whether to use the Queen of Spades as the widow card because I was never married to my partner who passed away. My other option was 8 of Hearts as I am considered a single fair haired female, lol.  That being said I chose the Queen. Take your personal card out of deck and place it face up to the far left in the area you will be doing the layout.
  • Think of your question making sure you frame it in such a way that the cards can answer it.
  • Shuffle the remaining 31 cards. Cut with left hand. Re-assemble back into a pile. Now you are ready to do the 15 card layout shown on page 9 of the little booklet.
  • Queen of Spades - Widow

    Queen of Spades – Widow

I’m going to follow the instructions this first time using the system.  🙂

The 15 card layout is 5 cards across x 3 rows. The Personal Card is #1

  • Next step: hold the deck in your left hand….select top 3 cards with your right hand (obviously, since you can’t use your left hand, lol). Examine the suits.

Summary of the next step: 

  • 1. if all three card are same suit lay them down beside the personal card which is already on the table.
  • 2. if two or more are of same suit take only the first card (the left one) and place beside the personal card. Put the other two cards face down on bottom of deck you are holding.
  • 3. if all three cards are different suits put them all on bottom of deck making sure the order is the same.

Keep doing this until you have fifteen cards in the layout. You might have to reshuffle at some point and that is why it is important to keep the cards in order when you put them on the bottom of the pile.

  • After you have all the cards in the layout there is a Preliminary Reading process (Page 8). Basically, it is groups of the same values. For example: 4 Aces = powerful forces at work for you.
  • You’ll be a pro after doing the above steps several times. Ok, my cards have been selected. 

Yes, I know the image is blurry. Sorry about that but it’s the best I can do at the moment. The arrow in the top left hand corner is where the Personal card was placed. I circled the Queen of Spades.

15 card layout Dee Joseph system

15 card layout Dee Joseph system

Each card has a key phrase right at the top of it. The meanings when combined with the suits are right on the individual cards along with special combination meanings. All you do is study the cards, jot down some notes, and see if you can come up a story that will answer your question. Unfortunately, it will be a real strain for my eyes to read the cards today.

…to be continued —click here— 2/2

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