Today’s card is overcast

#6 Clouds

#6 Clouds

The Clouds image was taken in the park in my neighbourhood.

I would have re-blogged this post I wrote back in 2006 but I deactivated the re-blog option on this blog because I have found several websites with lots of my original posts. I don’t mind a couple but when I get email after email informing me certain sites are re-blogging I just decided to deter this hobby of some people.  

When I find the time, I like reading my original thoughts on the cards and other fortune-telling topics I write about just to see how I feel about the content now-a-days.  

“Traditionally the clouds card signifies an unsettled feeling, or circumstance. In the image above, the majority of the darker part of the clouds is on the right.

Clouds?  What do they mean when darker? It might rain, a change in weather condition, possible hidden sun, dimmer view, appreciation of clear blue sky.

The Clouds card projects an “overcasting energy” on the card it touches in the layout :). Situations are not crystal clear like a sunny blue sky. 

A few simple combinations for your consideration:

  • 24 heart= possible stormy romantic weather ahead
  • 25 ring=commitment with frequent shifting of emotions
  • 29 lady= not being objective, clouded by negative thoughts, questionable male around her
  • 28 gentleman= shady personality
  • 3 ship= travel is not smooth sailing…disturbances
  • 5 tree= a shadow health condition, it’s there and not easily detected
  • 1 rider= news is coming that will put a damper on a situation or will bring you an answer you would rather not hear or know
  • 7 snake= erectile dysfunction  ( What was I thinking, LOL)
  • 19 tower= apartment building with no view
  • 20 garden= function gets rained out or cancelled
  • 33 anchor= trouble at work, pressure is on

I still feel the same way about the Clouds card and I factor in the KIng of Clubs playing card inset quite regularly. Have your views changed during your studies of this card?

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