2 card Season reading Cigany-Zigeuner-Gipsy cards

As a busy time approaches for me I set aside a few hours to answer the many Cartomancy emails I receive. Also, I wanted to share the 2 card Season layout if you want to try it out. Before I begin I do want to say that there are differences in designating the card suits to the four seasons. I am using the more popular Tarot system of suits. Your system may differ and some of you may be familiar with the suit associations that I am using.

You can change the suits to fit your comfort zone or level of understanding. For example, if you prefer Spades as winter and Diamonds as autumn then change it…. 

The objective of today’s post is to demonstrate how to read 2 cards in each of the four seasons of the year.  Yes, you can add Clarification cards to each season if you feel a need for that.

  • Hearts- summer (cups)
  • ♠ Spades- autumn/fall (swords)
  • Diamonds- winter (pentacles)
  • ♣ Clubs- spring (wands)

The deck featured in today’s post is the Cigany Kartya, made in Hungary. This deck is identical to Piatnik’s Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. The images are much softer. It’s up to you which deck you use. You can use the Lenormand or any of the other Sibilla style decks. There are no hard rules when experimenting with layouts.   🙂

I have started with the month of Summer which consists of 13 weeks. That means the two cards Journey + Lover (image below) will be the highlight. Journey speaks of travel which is pretty common during summer months. The Lover card can represent the male doing the Reading. You could be travelling with a special man in your life. Thirteen weeks is a long time and I’m sure there will be other things going on in your life. So, if you want to, draw 2 or 3 more cards….



Next season is the Fall or Autumn. Here we have a challenging duo. The Sadness + Misfortune (image below) cards suggest some situation will arise which will be tough. The Sadness card depicts our feelings. It’s not really a negative card but the Misfortune card is. When you combine these two cards you know that some situation will create feelings of uncertainty. It could be anything from an individual needing some emotional support to a personal reaction to some event. Since the Misfortune card follows the Sadness card I would say that you could be down in the dumps and have a hard time shaking that attitude. I did draw a Clarification card (image below).

Clarification Card: LOVE

Clarification Card: LOVE

The Love card as the Clarification card suggests an emotional urgency or emergency. The love department will be under a challenging influence but not for the entire thirteen weeks. It certainly will be the most important thing during the Fall/Autumn season for one reason or another.

Sadness + Misfortune

Sadness + Misfortune

The Winter season is ruled by the Judge + Loss (image below) combination. Looks like there will be a decision made most likely following the events of the Fall/Autumn season. There will be one winner and one loser. No secrets at all. Everything will be out in the open and you could find yourself involved in a situation with high risk. Whatever this situation is it will not be unexpected. It’ll be a natural result of the previous weeks.



And lastly, the Spring season of 2015 features the Baby + Fidelity (image below) duo. Wonderful combination to begin the next cycle. The Baby card promises new beginnings, new experiences and often more dependent situations. A new baby? A new pet? Crossed by the Fidelity card you could be very committed to one particular set of circumstances. Also, you could be taking baby steps toward regaining your trust.

Baby + Fidelity

Baby + Fidelity

➡ If you do play with this layout using some other deck of cards you can draw 13 cards for the 13 weeks in the season. That will give you a weekly outlook on an entire year. Combine that with your monthly daily draws and you have a very large cartomancy project. If you have lots of time on your hands it’s a great way to test the accuracy of the meanings AND to learn the cards in relation to your personal life.


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