Block of 9 or 3 x3 layout featuring Mystical Lenormand

Topic: reading the block of 9 or 3 x 3 layout.

The block of 9  process below is from a post written 5 years ago.  The brief key phrases in the interpretation are from some of my notes. The Hindsight Overview is from today. Like I have always said it’s best to develop your own comfort zone. Someone else’s process may not be the best way for you. Explore a little.   🙂 

Columns, Rows and Diagonals with a pre selected female Significator the Lady.

  • column 1- passing influence
  • column 2 (center)- current situation
  • column 3 – near future depending what time frame you assign
  • read by rows as well 
  • read 2 diagonal lines which form an ‘x’ from the center card.
  • Sometimes I like pulling the Significator prior to shuffle as seen in the image below. Each card is woven into a “reading tapestry”.
  • If you don’t pre select a Lady or Gentleman (Significators) or some category/theme card whatever card falls in the center spot will be important. The reading revolves around the middle card. 

This reading was done for female V who was very confused about her life direction at the time of shuffle. She was in desperate need of setting some practical goals. I keep most of my readings in handwritten journals and some in a database.

X The Diagonals:


Reading the Diagonals

  • Letter+ Lady+ Rider – at the time of shuffle the female got a heads up (office gossip) that a letter with disturbing news awaits her.
  • Scythe+ Lady+ Ring – the female experienced a surprise situation involving a contract.

The Columns:

Reading the Columns

Reading the Columns

PAST: Letter+ Dog+ Scythe – in the recent past at the time of shuffle the female heard some news through a friend about a surprising situation.

CURRENT: Path+ Lady+ Owls – the female was thinking about the decision made at her workplace. This created much stress for her because she was placed into another role at work with a new short-term contract.

FUTURE: Ring+ Book+ Rider – almost one year after the shuffle the female discovered that her contract would not be renewed. The hush-hush news was delivered to her in person.

→The Rows:

Reading the Rows

Reading the Rows

  • Letter+ Path+ Ring – the female received some news which placed her in a position of commitment at the time of shuffle.
  • Dog+ Lady+ Book – the female thought all was well since her manager was always so friendly but found out she didn’t have her pegged correctly at all.
  • Scythe+ Owls+ Rider – the female experience great sorrow from the alarming news which came about her job. Her contract was not renewed again. The same friendly manager delivered this message personally to her instead of the usual way via a formal letter, however, that letter did follow within one week.

This entire Reading took up to one year to fully materialize. She had her contract renewed a few times and lost her job permanently due to an unnecessary lay off.

Hindsight Overview

The Dog+Lady duo did describe the female’s friendly personality. After being placed in a new role she always sensed something was going on put couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She hid her suspicions quite well (book). The female experienced bouts of sudden sadness (scythe+owls) because of the uncertainty of her job security. One task in the female’s job description was sorting the office mail. Most of it contained formal letters including commitments for scheduled appointments (letter+path+ring). It was required of the female to often hand deliver files and folders (lady+rider). Handling multi-telephone lines (lady+owls) were a regular part of her day at work. The female was a very hard worker. She was results oriented and knew how to take a lot of short cuts to meet her deadlines. (scythe+lady+ring)

I want to add that the above info around her job tasks do not describe the job the female was doing at the time of shuffle. She ended up doing all that after she was placed in a new role with the new short term contract.

4 corners: if you read the corners Letter+ Scythe+ Rider+ Ring it is quite evident the contract would be broken.

There are no job cards in this Reading which tells me her question was not a true reflection of her inner concerns. What she was really asking was whether she will lose her job.

5 thoughts on “Block of 9 or 3 x3 layout featuring Mystical Lenormand

  1. Dear Madame Seaqueen, Thanks for this post, I have been looking for clear concise information on how to read a 9 card Lenormand layout. This is just perfect!

    I always enjoy browsing/ learning from your wonderful blog 🙂

  2. I really appreciate getting to see this long range perspective on the reading. Reviewing readings later is so important. I also love how the core of the reading is easily discerned by sticking to the traditional ieywords for each card, and then how the reading opens up even more when adding the details from the actual situation – for instance, that Dog is the seemingly friendly manager who is not really being forthcoming (Book) about what’s going on. This is a wonderful example reading. You make the process so clear.

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