Carrochi Astro-Fable cards by Peter Cooper, 1987

The Carrochi Astro-Fable cards by Peter Cooper, ©1987, manufactured & distributed under license to A.G. Muller is such a fun and informative system that I am featuring it in today’s post.

  • In order to demonstrate a Reading I will provide an overview of this system so you can better understand it. There are 2 sets of cards.
  • There are 29 picture fable cards (red backed influence cards) with everyday life situations. The images are very cute on the cards. Some of the cards are similar in card name to Lenormand & other Sibilla style decks like Zigeuner Wahrsagekartn. You form your own interpretation of the images which are quite true to the name of the card. You tell a little story (fable).
  • There are 49 blue backed astro-forecast text cards. There are 7 categories and each category has meanings right on the cards including the 7 classical planets. (excluding the modern planets Uranus 1781, Neptune 1846 and Pluto 1930). Each planet is named on the individual card along with a prediction, time frame and advise or wisdom (which can be zany).
  • Also, there are two instructional cards which include the Lifestyle Spread (featured below) and the Single Question Spread. 

A simple system combining astrology and cartomancy. I did clear these cards from the previous owners with my large rainbow Herkimer. 

Rainbow Herkimer

Rainbow Herkimer

Instructions for the Carrochi Lifestyle Spread

  • You or client separately shuffles the 2 decks facedown. Each deck is cut still remaining facedown. Now you are ready to read the cards.
  • Next step – take the Astro-Forecast cards pile keeping it facedown and go through the cards and take out one of each number in order 1 through 7. Any duplicates numbers are placed under the pile which is in your hand.
  • Arrange the 7 cards so that you have 1 Career, 2 Love, 3 Money, 4 Family, 5 Home, 6 Health and 7 Travel cards in a horizontal row on the table in front of you.
  • Next step- take the pile of picture fable cards which are facedown somewhere on your table. Take the first card keeping all the rest of the cards facedown when you do this step. Place the card under 1 Career, the second card under 2 Love and so on until you get to 7 Travel. 
  • Ok, now turn over 1 Career card read it and then turn over the picture Fable card and get a feel for the name of the card & what the image is showing. Combine the two together and presto the career category is revealed.
Astro-Fable Lifestyle Spread

Astro-Fable Lifestyle Spread

Below is an image of the completed Lifestyle Spread ready to be studied. 

Astro-Fable Lifestyle Spread reading

Astro-Fable Lifestyle Spread reading

I will be offering an interpretation for category 2 Love, 3 Money and 7 Travel to give you an idea of how to read the Influence cards (red backed) in relation to the Astro cards which have the text on them.

  • 2 Love: the current ruler in the Love department is Mars. This signifies fighting and quarreling. The time frame for this will be soon. (oh, goodie I love verbal fireworks, lol) “The Wisdom of the cards asks me if I am fighting for peace or is peace just a period of cheating between two arguments.”
  • Influence Fable card Perfectionist: the image shows a woman sitting at the table with an empty plate in front of her. There is a full loaf of bread on the table. Also, a container with 3 red roses. She looks like she is waiting to be served. Yes I tend to be a perfectionist which is not always a good thing in the love department. Am I expecting too much?  Hmmm, better keep this in mind should a debate come up soon.
  • 3 Money: the current ruler in the Money department is Venus. This signifies additional money coming in or some sort of inheritance. The time frame is within one year. This card has the strangest wise words of wisdom ever. “When you have informed someone you have left them a legacy, the only decent thing to do is die at once.” What freaking kind of advice is that. Let’s see what the Fable influence card has to say.
  • Influence Fable card Cupid: the image is lovely. There is a bright sun in the upper left hand corner. Naked cupid is riding the cloud aiming below with his bow & arrow and not at the two red hearts in motion. I do think this card means some sort of love generated tangible gift would be forthcoming.
  • 7 Travel: the current ruler in the Travel department is Mars. This signifies not yet maybe next time. The Wisdom of the cards is really odd stating, “the day will come when there will be no traffic at all and only newlywed and corpses will travel.”
  • Influence Fable card Travel: the image shows a ship in the distance. In the foreground is a wooden dock. The moon looks like it is a waxing crescent. The image gave me the feeling that travel might be a long time off.

Of course, I check the other cards as well. I hope you enjoyed this little demonstration of the Lifestyle Spread. I will probably do the Single Question spread at some point purely out of curiosity. Not sure if I will do a blog post on it. Also, I might experiment (probably will) with the Lenormand cards instead of the Fable Influence cards just for fun.

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