Insights on some Gipsy cards by Karen

I absolutely love reading the comments I receive on the Ask my Cards blog. I’m usually pretty good about responding within a short time. I feel it is important to connect with my readers. I wanted to share some information which I think will benefit the student of the Gipsy cards. I also think that Cartomancers who have experience in reading these delightful fortune-telling cards may learn a thing or two. We all learn from each other.

“Insights on some gipsy cards by Karen” 

Karen so generously shared her views on three cards with me which I in turn am sharing them with you. The comment is located under the Contact Info Page located below the header. 

The man is hiding and it is dark but dawn is approaching in the distance
Could mean time is of the essence, whatever is planned has got to be done soon
Someone is void of all confidence
someone is admiring us from afar
Things will look better in the morning light”


➡ “LOSS:
2 Men casually playing cards. One has bet his pocket watch and is willing to lose a possession – TIME again features in this card. .
This could mean it’s time for ‘cards on the table ‘ talks –
Reveal your hand
You have nothing to lose”


➡ “THIEF :
A very sparse house not much to take but the thief has looted a small bag of something. Perhaps the house has been vacated .
This could mean there is nothing left to take of any value
A person or situation is ‘spent ‘
the thief is taking something away we don’t want and have left behind
Something has stopped us from doing what we intended to”

One of my strongest preferences is to read the images with a dash of gut feelings blended with a hint of common meanings assigned to the cards. It’s nice to see that others follow a similar technique.

Thank you Karen.

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