11 card Past Life Layout featuring the Cartes Lenormand

This 11 card layout is intended to be used with the Wizards Tarot, however, the adventurer that I am I will feature the 36 Cartes Lenormand © 2003 by FG&Co. You will notice that some of the playing card insets differ on this deck. For example: there is a strawberry blond haired woman on the Rider card and a man sporting a top hat on the Key card. 

In the image (click to enlarge) below I have added the placement order of the cards. Shuffle whatever deck you are using and follow these numbers. Later on in the post I will identify and “quote” what each numbered position represents.

past life layout featuring Cartes Lenormand

Position 1: PATH. Past life description. What did you look like? I must have looked like the Queen of Diamonds. She has red hair in the image. As far as the Path card meaning maybe I looked like I could go either way in situations.

Position 2: RIDER. Past life location. Where did you live? The scene on the card shows a private home up on a small hill with full access to a road that is frequently used for messengers.
Position 3: STORK. Past life personality. What kind of person were you? Well, it looks like I was always changing something and thinking about the past. I would have cared (Queen Hearts) about those close to me. I would have gotten bored easily.

Position 4: CLOUDS. Past life/current life relationship. Which relationship have you carried over from a past life to the current time? If you want to study more than one relationship, add another card from the Lenormand deck. Very interesting card to have here. I have carried over a relationship with a darker haired man who probably had some ties to royalty possibly from England.  🙂  Maybe he was a confused man of standing who needed a shoulder, lol.

Position 5: CLOVER. Past life purpose. What was your soul’s purpose in a past life? To bring luck to all those around me.
Position 6: CROSS. Past life passion. What did you love about your old life? There is a red-haired damsel as the playing card inset. I suppose I probably thought of everyone else but myself. A passion to help the underdog and those who carried hardships in their lives. I would have been religiously passionate living within the codes of that religion. I would have had profound faith.

Position 7: HOUSE. Past life death. How did your old life pass away? Maybe at the hands of family, lol. Most likely I passed in my own residence with my father (King Hearts) by my side. This is quite intriguing because in this life time it was in reverse.

Position 8: LADY. Life lesson. What did you learn from your old life? I learned to be a “lady” no matter what I was truly feeling. A lady maintains control in public.
Position 9: MOUSE. An unresolved issue from your past life. What fear, worry or concern did you carry from your old life to the current life? Ditto! Yes, I think the needless worry is an unresolved issue. Certain things eat away at me. It could also be the worry of “lack” in some situations. Or it could be the memories of past lives as well.

Position 10: KEY. Present life purpose. What do you need to accomplish in your current life? This really makes sense. I am to find solutions and answers. I do enjoy solving things. I’m a troubleshooter at heart. I need to put on the top hat of the man in the playing card and go to it.
Position 11: BOOK. Advice. What message does your past self have for your current self? Wow isn’t this cool. My old self is telling me to write a book, ha-ha. This card is also telling me to spread knowledge of secret teachings. Also, that I still have much to discover about myself.

Nice Layout!

➡ Give this layout a try you may discover some answers which are helpful. My interpretation was brief but I sure could add lots of other information from the cards in the positions.

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