Lenormand & Tarot combined in layout (gasp)

I don’t make it a habit of using the Lenormand & Tarot combined in a layout. I want to share this process with you because you may decide to experiment as well. (I hope the Tarot gods and goddesses forgive me. The Madame won’t mind because Marie Anne probably incorporated Tarot knowledge into her own system of reading. This is something we will never know 100%)

After thinking about which layout to do I decided the less cards the better to keep the post at a reasonable length. Since, the ever popular 5 card layout is one favourite spread for Lenormand cartomancers I will use it to demonstrate my process.

Next thing I have to decide is which Lenormand and Tarot decks to choose. Will I use both Minor and Major Arcana? Does it really matter? I really think it’s better to use just the Majors. The Minors are everyday experience cards as well, therefore, we don’t need to have 92 (36+56) suit cards. The guidance from the 22 Majors is plenty in fact (in my opinion) is better.

Before I begin it is important to note that every single person out there who reads cards will have their own view about the Tarot and about the Lenormand. Just tell your ego to be quiet while you read this post.  😉

Well, I don’t have any decks in front of me right now. They are all in the jungle room except the ones on the kitchen table, in my purse, on the dining room cabinet, in my coat pocket, :D. I have renamed my reading/craft room to that because I am so far behind in organizing everything that is looks like a jungle.

I will strategically select certain cards with the objective of teaching you how to briefly read the cards. I will create the Reading image. As they say, brb.


2 minutes later. There, how’s that little layout? You should know what images are on the cards already if you have some background in these two decks. The directions can’t be used because we have no images and there are certainly enough cards to read. This is an experimental Reading to illustrate this layout concept.

Another decision ❓ . Read all L. first and then all T. or read one L and one T until all cards in the layout are done. Let’s try a little of both.

➡ Shuffle your  L. deck, cut it, or do what you do, place 5 cards down in a horizontal row. Shuffle your T. deck, cut it ….. place 5 cards down in a horizontal row below the first row or at an angle on top of the L. cards if you have room.

Dog Snake Heart Stork Anchor

Female consultant has an emotional issue (heart) around her. It probably concerns a relationship. The Snake coupling with the Heart suggest some hanky panky which involved a friend (dog). Where is this all going. Well, not doubt there will be some changes (stork) ahead but all will be good because everything will settle (anchor) down. That is one version of reading these cards. Court insets: Note that the J♥ is closed in by 2 Queens so that means there could be a male getting hot and heavy with a friend (dog) and someone in his workplace (anchor).

Justice Temperance Fool Tower Emperor

Let’s see what the Tarot has to say. Female consultant is involved in a risky (Fool) situation. This card is also about doubts. “Look before your leap.” It appears there is a harmonious relationship (Temperance) involved. Justice is also a card of balance. It also talks about the truth of a situation. A huge awakening call (Tower) is around the corner. This could involve a “fatherly (Emperor) individual. The Emperor can also signify that finally she will come to her senses.

If you read left to right (my preference) you can combine Dog with Justice. The Dog friend will definitely be level-headed and want to do the right thing. Combining Snake with Temperance suggests a not so nice trait coming from this friend. The Dog person has to really work hard at not doing something out of character. Coupling Heart with Fool indicates the love department is flippant. Stork and Tower is all about change…and more change on top of that. It can suggest someone from the past returning (Stork) and causing havoc (Tower). Ending the layout Anchor and Emperor are two very solid cards. Each one has an intellectual anchoring.   Here we can see a temptation approaching the female consultant which will rattle her emotional world for a bit but in the end something quite grounding comes from the experience.

I prefer the Celtic Cross and the Zodiac layout over the 5 card layout but that’s just one woman’s opinion.


2 thoughts on “Lenormand & Tarot combined in layout (gasp)

  1. Dear Madame Seaqueen,

    Thanks for sharing this experience and bringing up this subject. Once Kapherus did a reading for me using LN and Playing Cards and it was pretty accurate.

    I may try with Tarot.

    • Greetings Stanze,
      Thanks for your comment. Bringing the two systems together will provide more depth. My post interpretation was very brief and there would be quite a bit more information from these ten cards. Kaph is a very gifted Reader. Seaqueen

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