4 card Layout featuring Mystical Kipper 2/2

In continuation of the last post ….

Reading the Mystical Kipper cards in the 3+1 layout.



You can use the middle card as the theme or topic or you can read left to right. It all depends on what you prefer. The right way is what’s right for you. For a 3 card layout I usually read left to right. The far left card gives me some background, the center card reveals the current situation and the far right card is the probable future/outcome. The 4th card drawn is the Clarification card. It was laid out along with the other three cards right after the shuffle. It would have been the clarifying card anyway as it was next up on the pile.


Mystical Kipper

Mystical Kipper

Question: Female M wants to hire a person to repair some cement decay on the patio. She was wondering if the person she had in mind will do a good job.

#15 Success in Love:  Since Female M is thinking about the repairman I want to read him as someone who is friendly and loyal to his word. This card doesn’t only detail love matters, also career and other topics. It is one of the best cards in the deck. It is filled with such good energy that it can help other more minor negative cards.

#31 Short Illness: This card tells me the repairman may stop the work midstream. He could take ill or may not be able to fix the patio within a reasonable time. Many things could go wrong but nothing which will last a long time. He could be lazy as well slacking off on the job.

#36 Hope/Big Water:  This card is usually positive showing the repairman will probably get back to work within short time. Within this card is a warning, female M should not expect miracles with the patio. Some things just cannot be restored to their original state. Interestingly, this card does hint at drugs/alcohol. That means one of these two people could be hitting the bottle (together). Stranger things have happened, lol. 😛

#14 Sad News:  The clarification card should clear up any questions about what the cards are trying to tell us. I really do not think female M will be satisfied with this repairman she has in mind. This card is considered “bad”. The cards are advising her against hiring this person.

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6 thoughts on “4 card Layout featuring Mystical Kipper 2/2

    • Hello Lorraine: I am planning to write more on the individual cards. I did have a post somewhere with all the meanings in brief form. It would have been in earlier years of the blog when I wasn’t using as many tags nor did I have the vast amount of categories. If I find it I will repost it.

      • thank you very much. I appreciate your reply. I’m trying to see what is the best spread. perhaps the free flowing 5 card spread.. I mean no certain positions..allowing the cards to flow telling the story (?)
        tks again….

      • Thanks for your comment Lorraine. A natural flow Reading can be very interesting and informative as well versus a more structured layout. Whatever works best for the Cartomancer is the “right way”. Madame Seaqueen

  1. thank you so much for responding . I appreciate that! I would like to become very good using this deck 🙂 trying to figure out the best spread. I think maybe the 5 card letting it flow without having certain positions ?

  2. I’m just begin learn to read Lenormand and I got this deck in a few days, I’m not sure this deck is lenormand ,right?
    It’s look different but I like the meaning of each card.
    Can I use this deck like another lenormand card ,I mean the way to use it such as spread , or use grand tabula?
    and what the good method for read the meaning of this deck?

    ps. I’m so sorry if I write anything wrong because this is not my mother language.

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