4 card Layout featuring Mystical Kipper 1/2

The 36 Mystical Kipper cards are very beautiful unlike the rather plain Jane traditional deck. I like the older version very much. They are very familiar to me. The newly created version by Urban Trosch takes the cards to another level yet maintaining the core essence of the images.

The cards are numbered and titled. My deck is in English. The LWB is loaded with information on each card & there are instructions for doing the GT (grand tableau/full board layout). Today’s post isn’t really about the deck review it is about card interpretation. 

The four card draw isn’t as popular but I did it this way because the fourth card is the Clarification card. So, basically it is a three card draw. As always, you can click on the image for a larger view.



In the next post, I will demonstrate a Reading with the cards above. I lost tack of time & need to get going to a confirmed appointment on the other side of the city. Stay tuned for post 2/2.

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