General forecast layout featuring Sibilla Indovina cards

In the little white booklet included in the Sibilla Oracle cards (Sibilla Indovina) is a general forecast layout. This spread is good to do when there is no question asked. It will give you an idea of what is going on with the person. I would use it as an introductory Reading. If the client wanted more information I would add clarification cards to each pile until the client was relatively satisfied.


  • Shuffle your 52 deck quite thoroughly. 
  • Take the top four cards and place them in the four positions (see image). Top left, bottom left, bottom right and top right.
  • Shuffle the remaining cards
  • Take the top four cards and cross the first card the same way you would in the Celtic cross. Place the card horizontally but you read it upright (or reversed). For the purpose of today’s post I will not include reversed meanings. 

Begin reading the piles (use your intuition on which pile to choose first) or start with pile #1 top left. I have labelled the piles and the cards. Click on image for larger view.

Sibilla Oracle Cards. Lo Scarabeo, 2000.

Sibilla Oracle Cards. Lo Scarabeo, 2000.

1. Top Left: Field of Money and Business.

Weakness & Surprise:  These two cards would suggest that at the time of shuffle the client’s money or business situation is not very strong (as card’s name suggests). More tending is necessary in these areas. Looks like things will improve because the crossing card has positive energy and an opportunity will arise.

2. Bottom Left: Health. Chance Encounters. The Body.

Wedding & Protector: As a chance encounter interpretation these two cards show a meeting up with a married individual. This person will definitely be a good friend and lend support. As the health interpretation, the client needs to make up his/her mind to look after their body and possibly a health care individual is involved.

3. Bottom Right: Work and Professional Activity.

Success & Infantilism: These two card suggest that even though all appears to be fine in work/career directions there is a certain amount of lack in full responsibility. The client needs to take a more mature approach and not expect others to “babysit” him/her in regards to areas of work.

4. Top Right: Field of Love. Affections.

Important Revelation & Waiting: There is some news coming in areas of love. At the time of shuffle there is someone who is concealing their true feelings for the client. The person getting the reading needs to be patient in the love department.

Nice and simple Reading that gives you an overview of some main areas of the client’s life. I would be tempted to draw another card and place it on the Waiting card to gain more information.

And so I did draw another card for pile #4. The card is Angry Woman.  😆

Sibilla Oracle cards Angry Woman

The Angry Woman card can suggest the client will be annoyed with the information revealed. No, not the card you want to see in this spot. Often this card is a female rival that is jealous. The love department is will a little shaky for the client. 

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