Can the Tarot be read in a 5 card Lenormand technique layout?

I have read the Tarot cards in a countless number of ways using a variety of layouts. If I were to do a 5 card layout with no predetermined positions I would read left to right. Many Lenormand cartomancers do a 5 card layout and usually use the middle card as the focus or theme of the Reading.

I was a tad curious to see if the Tarot cards can be read using this Lenormand technique. To demonstrate the Reading I am featuring the Tarot of the New Vision deck. My main reason is because I’m trying a different layout approach and this deck is certainly not like the standard Tarot you are accustomed to seeing. My interpretation will be multi-level which includes image interpretation, some Tarot meanings and the modern-day Lenormand approach to the 5 card layout. 

My question is specific: Will male X’s  artistic project be well received? That is a yes or no question which I tend to reserve for only a three card draw. Usually, when we ask yes or no questions we do want more information and the cards will offer additional guidance.

Tarot of the New Vision 2003

Tarot of the New Vision 2003

Time for a new camera or steadier hand. 🙂

The cards are as follows:


The Emperor card speaks of intellectual control. I read this Tarot deck according to the imagery in combination what I know about the deck. The images often have symbols which should be interpreted as well because they offer hidden meanings. Instead of the Emperor being clearly visible the turtle and folks in the background are. Often the turtle represents a slowing down energy. It tells you to pace yourself. Also, to maintain persistence. This is in keeping with the essence of the Emperor card. He is determined. This card can also represent the father. It could denote that male X needs to “father” his project. This card can also represent the business aspect of the project.


The Page of Wands is an announcement of some type. It is news associated with the question and it looks like it came a long time ago (page looks to left) In the background we see a female with a torch. Contained fire brings illumination to a situation. The Knight of Swords is more of an aggressive energy. The image gives the feeling of urgency and emergency. The knight is charging to the right of the layout. There is a fire in the background and a number of knights/soldiers are running away from the burning house. Fire is illumination but fire out of control is another thing. Too much thinking (swords suit) can only complicate things and can create a decision rooted in panic.

The first two cards describe what the Emperor has experienced.


Look at all those cups in the 7 of Cups.  Eenie meenie minee moe. So many options. The Emperor is a master at logical decisions. Two females are in the background. They look like they are in a state of suspense wondering which cup the male will choose. What this card tells me is that some people will receive this project and others won’t. Notice that the cups have the back of head signifying rejection. The snake could represent jealous people. The character with the cover on its head could be people who don’t know how to appreciate art or are not experienced in that field. The dragon can be people who support him. The wreath shows a victorious welcome by some people. The cup with the coins/jewelry can suggest monetary opportunities. The tall tower can represent people in high standing in society. 

The 9 of Cups does give an affirmative answer. In the image two little boys are playing and the little girl is stuffing her face, lol. There is an emotional warmth to this card. Everyone is doing what they love. Wishes are fulfilled. Male X’s artistic project will most likely be welcome.

Seaqueen’s View

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