Trigger layout featuring Lenormand de Marseilles

Today I am featuring Edmund Zebrowski’s Lenormand de Marseilles, © 2011 in the 12 card Trigger Layout. There are many detailed posts on this layout at the following which include the simple instructions —–CLICK LINK.

Trigger Layout

3 options: You- Significator Lady or Gentleman. You- topic of your choice card. You- no preselected cards.

Today’s example is a “real life” situation with partial feedback. The complete feedback is only possible after the Immediate and Soon columns come to pass. The Immediate column can be anywhere between a couple of days up to a few weeks. The Soon column is generally one month or three months if you decide on the time frame prior to shuffle.

lenormand de marseilles 2011 Edmund Zebrowski Trigger Layout

I am going to demonstrate how to read the cards in relation to this “real life” situation. The seeker of the cards is the Lady significator card (female A) in the YOU spot (second card in 2nd row/column). Before I begin I always scan the Trigger Row which are the activation cards. Activation cards will reveal the energy of the Reading.

Scan the Trigger Row first.

Scan the Trigger Row first.

*SHIP* LADY A* MOON* MOUNTAIN*. Here we can see that in the recent past Lady A was about to embark on a trip. The Moon is about slow energy. It also represents a variety of topics such as one’s feelings. The Trigger row ends in the Mountain card showing a huge challenge. There is a big problem ahead.

Lady A is thinking about her sister (SNAKE). She received a telephone call (BIRDS) from her sister who said she was experiencing severe back pain which went all the way around her rib cage. Lady A wanted to go and assist her sister (SHIP) but the sister was reluctant to seek medical attention hoping this condition would pass. Thus the trip to the sister’s house did not happen (COFFIN).

Lady A wants to donate her time and energy to her sister. She wants to do something nice (BOUQUET) for her. One very interesting thing is that we have two Queens, one above and one below the Lady card. Yes, she has two sisters in “real life”.

Even though the woman in the image is looking to the left her future is to the right of her as this is a layout with pre-defined columns suggesting the future. The fact she is looking at the Ship card tells me she is wondering if she made a mistake in not going to help her sister. Lady A is followed by the Trigger Moon card suggesting there is some sort of distortion connected to the anxiety and worry (BIRDS) about the (CLOUDS) situation. The Moon and Fish combined represents over the counter pain relief drugs which has been confirmed despite the fact these cards lie in the Immediate spot. This situation is several days old so the Immediate spot can be up to one week into the future as well.

Note: Some clients experience card forecasts faster than others.

Since this is Lady A’s reading Snake plus Clouds combined strongly suggests her sister’s condition won’t go away that fast (Mountain ends Trigger row). The dark side of Clouds faces to the right –>future. The Fish card can be connected to someone in the medical profession (King of Diamonds). Someone that you pay out-of-pocket as this card is linked to money. Chiropractor?

The very last card is the CLOVER. Is the energy of this card strong enough to deal with the Mountain card?  Not really, but there will be some easing up of the situation. I have discovered that the Mountain card often refers to one’s back. The Gentleman card should represent Lady A’s significant other but in this case it probably doesn’t. The Gentleman card is most likely the sister’s partner. The reason I am saying this is because Lady A’s male partner would bend over backwards to help the sister. The fact that the dark side of the Clouds faces the Gentleman tells me it would be the sister’s husband – he lacks clarity on how to help. Some men just don’t know how to handle a “sick” spouse or partner.

The Fish and Clover combination represents unexpected lucky energy. I really hope the sister will feel better soon but the process could take a long time (MOUNTAIN) as back issues don’t go away that quickly. The Immediate column will still unfold over the next few weeks. I’m not liking the Clouds card combined with the Snake card (represents the sister). She is facing some emotional issues (Clouds & Moon) directly connected to her significant other (Gentleman). 

One more thing Moon combined with Mountain suggests the obstacle might be larger than anticipated or it will be smaller. Clear observation is not possible looking through shadows (moon). The Clover card is coming to help if but for a short time.

2 thoughts on “Trigger layout featuring Lenormand de Marseilles

  1. I never would have gotten Moon and Fish as OTC drugs. Wow. This is why I am such an avid reader, to understand nuances. But to be honest, it will be years before I know how you got that.

    • Thanks for commenting Julie. The Moon/Fish combo just struck me as OTC drugs for a couple of reasons. The Fish card can suggest drugs and alcohoe. The Moon card indicate an altered state of mind which we experience when we dream. Altered state insofar as not the conscious state we usually are in during the “wake” state. This is a very deep topic so I’ll keep it simple for the sake of the Lenormand combo. I’ve been Reading cards over forty years and know that any deck of cards can reveal something which was never seen before. I like exploring alternative techniques as well. I hope you are enjoying your cartomancy journey. Thank you for reading the blog posts. Madame Seaqueen.

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