5 card Advice Layout with Clarification card: Vintage Lenormand

Today I am featuring Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand cards in the 5 card Advice layout which I have written about many times using different fortune-telling decks. I have added a Clarification card for the What you are not Seeing middle position of this layout because sometimes one card is just not enough. You can certainly add clarification cards to any spot if you feel the need. The original 5 card Advice layout is a guideline.

A client’s friend will be travelling overseas late summer. The question is fairly simple. Will the trip be safe and successful? Two questions: safe? and successful?

There are detailed meanings on the cards at Helen Riding‘s blog which you will find very helpful. —->Lenormand Dictionary.  Also, HERE and Stephen’s LearnLenormand™ website. Jase on Cards provides meanings as well. I’ve given a few links but there are many more sites offering meanings. My slightly alternative meanings are private for now as they are part of the content belonging to the Reading Lenormand handbook which is taking way too long to finalize.  wink

Vintage Lenormand. 5 card Advice Layout with Clarification card. May 18:14

Vintage Lenormand. 5 card Advice Layout with Clarification card. May 18:14

  • The BASIS of the question is about the trip which is represented by the SUN CARD.

Yes, I’m sure it is a sunny region. This is such a happy card promising fulfillment and joy. The basis position should reveal why the question was asked.

  • What the client knows about her friend’s situation: HEART CARD

The trip planned is an event close to the heart. Something the friend would love to do. Her emotions a very much caught up in the “romanticism” of the overseas travel.

  • What the friend should know about the question. This is the What you are not Seeing position that does reveal the unknown influences. The card falling here can be a warning or it can show you what you are overlooking. It is important to understand this position because it is an important aspect of this entire layout. MOON CARD.

Interesting. What she is not seeing is that the reality of the entire experience. She could be in a totally different emotional/intellectual zone which could mar her judgement. We can’t really use the “honors” meaning but we can use the “recognition” aspect. I don’t know about you but I find the Moon card a bit disconcerting to interpret because the moonlight is filled with shadows and it is difficult to get a clear image of what you are looking at. Cartomancers assign any one of the following meanings to the card: dreams, emotions, boredom (similar to the Tarot 4 of Cups), creativity, illusions, the mother, melancholy, coldness, slow-moving energy, honor and so on. 

Any one of those above meanings could apply. When coupled with the Clover card there could be another meaning which we will see below.

  • CLARIFICATION card: When I saw the Moon card I wanted to draw another card to see if a bit more information could be revealed. The coupling influence is the CLOVER CARD.

This card brings a little bit of luck to the Moon card meaning. It can represent a number of fleeting experiences throughout the entire trip experience. The Clover card is an unexpected influence similar to those waves of luck we all experience.

  • The ADVICE card is guidance from the oracle. STARS CARD

What possible guidance is the Stars card insinuating? It is a card about being in the right place at the right time (Astrology). This card is advising the friend to guard her reputation. She needs to follow her own beliefs and not be swayed into doing things out of her character. Sometimes this is a challenge when you travel with a group of people because the majority usually rules. The Stars card means to keep your thoughts on what you really want/desire. It is generally a card of successful undertakings. Twinkle, twinkle little star.

  • The last card is the RESULT. This is the overall experience of the question asked. GARDEN/PARK CARD.

Will the trip be safe? Successful? The last card should provide an answer to this question. The Park/Garden card is about public receptivity. This should be a great experience (next to Stars energy). There were no conflicting, negative, challenging or “bad” cards in this layout. As far as safety, as long as the Stars card’s guidance is followed all should be good. The Moon Card is stating not to venture into areas that are dimly lit or in areas where things/people could be concealed. Success often comes in groups and so does safety.


Wishing the travellers a Safe & Successful Trip!

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