Crescent layout featuring Vera Sibilla Italiana

Today I would like to feature the Crescent layout which you can find in the LWB included in the 52 card Vera Sibilla Italiana deck also known as the Every Day Oracle © 2007 Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Made in EU. If you have any background in Sibilla style cards like the Art Deco fortune telling cards, Lenormand, Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, etc., you will notice many cards are similar. Some cards are similar to the 1940’s Old Gypsy fortune-telling cards. Click ——>meanings of the old gypsy fortune telling cards <——

The cards are identified in the Italian language so I will mention that name with its corresponding English translation. Cuori suit = Hearts. Picche suit = Spade. Fiori suit = Clubs. Quadri suit = Diamonds. This deck is read in reversed as well but I placed all the cards upright prior to shuffle for the purpose of today’s Reading demonstration.  

I haven’t tried this layout yet so I thought I would share it with everyone. This layout does have a one month time frame so those of you who want answers with guided timing may enjoy it as well. 

All you do is think of a question and shuffle the cards until you feel you have shuffled enough. The instructions do not say to cut the deck so the procedure can be done in a number of ways.

  • cut the deck and take the top 7 cards placing them in the Crescent layout beginning with the #1 spot (see image)
  • cut the deck and select 7 random cards from the complete deck in your hand
  • fan the cards on the table and pick 7 random cards, one at a time, and place them in the layout

Each of the seven spots of the Crescent layout is defined.

Here is the image of my Reading. Click image for larger view.

QUESTION: Will I complete the edits for the Gipsy tutorial handbook within a month or so?

Crescent Layout featuring Vera Sibilla Italiana

Crescent Layout featuring Vera Sibilla Italiana

#1. The first position represents the recent past in connection with the question. It also reveals the influence on the current situation in relation to the question.

DELIRANTI- This is a very interesting card to interpret. It suggests a state of intoxication, having a good time and basically avoiding responsibilities. This makes a lot of sense. I’ve been doing everything BUT the edits.

#2. This card represents the current situation.

PENSIERO- Oh yes, the thought card. I’ve been thinking a lot about everything under the sun both personally and professionally.

#3. The near future spot. Here we can find out about obstacles coming up. Also, the card falling here will give you a sneak preview of the potential answer.

DOMESTICO- The translation of this card is man-servant but it also has to do with the household. I want to read this card beneficial news coming from a person in connection to my question.  This card has loyal energy so that’s why I am reading the news as beneficial. Of course, I won’t know until I read the remainder of the cards. Glancing over at the Doctor card I’m really curious what the cards say about my state of mind.   🙂

#4. The card falling here will reveal my state of mind, emotions, my inner life and things which are of a concern to me.

DOTTORE- Well, this could be a physician. It can also suggest I am in a “sick state of mind”. What I mean by that is I am not focused due to some negative emotions. This doesn’t surprise me because I am still dealing with the profound sadness I feel from the loss of my parents. If this position represents all those things written for the #4 spot then it is important to take certain meanings of the Doctor and apply them directly. 

#5. This spot is basically the Others spot like in the Tarot Celtic Cross #8 position. Here is the external influences by other people and how they fit into the grand scheme of things over the next month.

L’AMICA- Looks like a female friend will be of greet assistance to me. She will offer me an opportunity. Look at the image. She is asking me to sit down on the chair because she want to discuss a matter. She is also pointing to some piece of art on the mantle. Looks like there is a snake in there, lol. I’ll have to get out my magnifying glass to see exactly what is under that dome.

#6. This spot is basically the advice of the cards. Here you will find guidance on what you should do to achieve the desired results from your question. I see this as the “action” necessary.

LA RIUNIONE- The couple in the image seem to be having a discussion. To me, it looks like the male is comforting here. It is a loving feeling. He could also be helping her to get off her a*s*s, lol. Is this what the cards are advising me. 😉 Probably. This card is all about meetings and perhaps reunions. Seriously, though, I think what the cards are saying is that I need to partner up with someone who loves cartomancy as much as I do. This card also speaks of togetherness which comes when there is a support system. 

#7. This spot represents the possible answer or at the very least should reveal developments in connection to the question.

L’AMANTE- Hmmm, the Lover card.  My question was pretty straight forward which could be answered with a yes or no. This card does represent a person. It can be my Aussie man partner. We will find out in one month’s time what if anything he has to do with the completion of the edits on my handbook. I know he is after me to finish up my projects. The Lover card has favourable energy. It promises improvements and progress.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I am going to try the Lenormand and Gipsy cards in the Crescent layout.  I think you will really like this layout. Try it and see for yourself.

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  1. Hi there! I like your site and the thoroughness you give in explanations. I sent an email and wanted to check if you received it. Thanks!

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