GT Houses reading featuring Gipsy Cards for female P.

➡ Feedback on this reading was given October 3, 2016 by female P.

Card Reading for Female P: 9 x 4 Grand Tableau Reading with 36 (English alphabetical order) Houses featuring the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy Cards).

The Gipsy Cards are usually not numbered although there are a variety of decks in various languages, which do place them in alphabetical order. This can cause some confusion as there are six different languages written on the cards. That means there could be at least six different House systems. I have created the English version. You will need to number your cards with a fine tip marker in one of the top corners.

I usually begin with the Significator card and begin linking card to house to card to house and so on until I return to the Significator card. Sometimes most of the cards in the layout are linked and other times only a few cards are linked.

GT Houses featuring Gipsy cards

GT Houses featuring Gipsy cards

I do feel it is important that the Sweetheart and Lover link at some point. In this layout the Significators do not link. In fact, the Lover card sits in the #1 Anger House and is only linked to the Anger card which sits in #20 Lover House. This tells me the two people represented by the Significators are experiencing some distancing or lack of emotional connection. 

➡ Firstly, your statement about the Sweetheart and Love linking came to prove correct. I never heard from the man represented by the “Lover” card. 
I did, however, hear about my former partner through mutual friends.  

In the second image you can see that I have drawn lines beginning with the Sweetheart card as this Reading is for a female. I’m not sure that you can see what direction the lines are going but there is a big dot on each card, which is being linked. I drew the lines to demonstrate the linking process.

Gipsy Cards HOUSES GT with linesIt certainly does look like a messy layout with all the lines but they are helpful when studying the Gipsy Houses. Besides that visual tips paint a thousand words. If you do this technique for yourself or someone else you should place a coin (head ups of course) on the Sweetheart card if you are a female and a different coin for the Lover card. Actually, any object can be used as long as it can be seen quickly. The same is applicable if you are a male doing the Reading or have a male client.

Also, I would suggest creating a GT layout worksheet with the identified Houses or just use two decks of cards if you have them. I do want to mention that reading the Gipsy cards in houses is probably not that common mainly because the majority of the decks on the market are not numbered. Even if there are numbered decks in various languages it’s much easier for the English-speaking individual to identify with the English alphabet. I doubt the GT Houses technique will ever become as popular as the Lenormand Houses. But, it is fun to experiment.

I could create a GT House layout in Slovenian since Slovenian is one of the six languages on the cards. This would work fine for me since I am Slovenian. If you are Hungarian you can place the cards in Hungarian alphabetical order, and so on. Let’s keep this simple and focus on the intention of my post, which, is to demonstrate the reading process of the Houses. My information is transferrable to any language, which is listed on the cards whether you use a four or six language deck.

The following is a brief overview, which, certainly isn’t the only way to interpret the Houses GT. Let’s look at the Sweetheart card. She sits in the #6 ECCLESIASTIC HOUSE. This female acts accordingly. What I mean by this is she has good values and her belief system is strong. Next, we locate the Ecclesiastic card. It sits in #25 MISFORTUNE HOUSE. I don’t get a good vibe with this at all. It seems something proper needs to be done because of some emergency or urgent situation. Next, we find the Misfortune card. It is located in #3 CONSTANCY HOUSE. Some pressing situation isn’t changing as rapidly as it should. It is staying pretty much the same.

Continuing with the Constancy card passing through #17 LETTER HOUSE. The much awaiting information is taking its sweet time. A document/email or some paperwork seems to be lacking any real progress. Let’s find the Letter card to see if we can gain more clarity on this theme. It is located in #10 FORTUNE HOUSE. A blessing in disguise awaits the consultant. That’s good to know. Finally, some progress is developing. The Fortune card sits in the #24 MESSAGE HOUSE, which means good news, is on its way. This news might be revealed face to face. The Message Card is situated in the JOURNEY HOUSE. More clues, lol. It looks like there will be some travel involved.

➡ Misfortune/Constancy/Letter: At the time, he was still in the military and very unhappy because he was unable to be transferred abroad, to be with his new girlfriend, who was also in the military and had just been moved to a base on another continent.   Maybe the woman in the Desire card was his new girlfriend.  She had medium length dark brown hair and was awaiting his visit. 

➡  Fortune/Message/Journey/Desire/Sadness:  At some point in the spring of 2014, I found out he was able to somehow get an official transfer abroad to be with his girlfriend. It did make me sad to hear that he had moved on from me and the stars were lining up for him so easily. probably by trading assignments with someone else.  

Personally, I didn’t have any trips related to this man who I wanted to go on.  However, I did have a desire to go to Europe and was not able to go due to my finances, as well as a job that I couldn’t take days off from. 

When I write about the process it takes a lot longer than if I was just reading the cards. One whole sentence can take several cards/houses. 

We need to locate the Journey card. It falls in #5 DESIRE HOUSE. A trip is wanted. The consultant could be obsessing about a trip because the Desire card falls in #28 SADNESS HOUSE. Her emotions are tied up with going somewhere. She is waiting but at the same time she is having a hard time remaining optimistic. The Sadness card is situated in #26 MONEY HOUSE. Well, no wonder. There could actually be a lack of money to fund this travel at the current time.

The Money card falls in #33 UNEXPECTED JOY HOUSE. That what we want to see. A little stroke of luck for the consultant. The Unexpected Joy card falls in #8 FALSENESS HOUSE. Isn’t that a kick in the teeth? Things looked so promising. This will be a short-term uplift. The Falseness card is situated in #27 OFFICER HOUSE. This can be read in a number of ways. The Officer House can represent another male of interest as well as official matters. The Falseness card brings a big question mark to this House. Something isn’t quite right. The Officer Card falls in #30 SWEETHEART HOUSE. The female is thinking about another man other than the main male (Lover). The Officer also represents the law or even a legal representatives/situations.

➡  Unexpected Joy/Falseness/Officer: As for me, I had started dating a man, who was a lawyer, during the summer of 2013 and had broken up with him a few months before this GT was laid out.   I met him through friends and although he was a fun guy, I realized he really wasn’t my type after a while. I wasn’t being dishonest with him, but like you said, it was likely that the “Lover” didn’t know I was dating that other man. 

I also started dating someone new (Officer) about 5 months after your reading.  He was a few years older than me, good-looking, athletic/sporty type, with dark brown hair.  🙂

The Lover card is passing through #1 ANGER HOUSE. The significant other person is experiencing much frustration. His emotions are not in complete balance. He could be annoyed at some situation in his life. Perhaps he had an argument with the Sweetheart female in the past.

➡  Lover -Anger: Yes, you were right here too. He was upset with me at the time, for the end of our relationship. I guess sometimes when things don’t work out, we find someone else to blame, so that we don’t look at ourselves. I hope he’s matured a bit from that time. 

So, as you can see, events did work out the way you said.  It was interesting to see that the chain of events seemed to refer to both my life and the Lover’s life. 
Thank you again so much for doing the house technique using my GT. It was very interesting to see it in play. 🙂 

There is a lot of other information contained in these 36 cards. As a rule, I do not blend major techniques such as House readings with reading the layout beginning with the Significator cards. I will demonstrate the latter in an upcoming post. It all depends how many cards/houses link. If I do continue then the House technique gave me an overview of some major situations going on in the Sweetheart’s life. The GT House technique is explained in more detail in the upcoming tutorial Gipsy handbook.


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7 thoughts on “GT Houses reading featuring Gipsy Cards for female P.

  1. This is a wonderful technique to try.Thank you for doing this. Does this technique give the reader the past of the situation leading up to the present, or will this tell you of what is to come between sitter and their love interest?

  2. Thank You. You have posed a very good question and an important one. To read the past situation leading up the current time I would locate the Significator card representing the person getting the Reading and look to the card behind or above him/her. Some cartomancers read the past a little differently. In the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck the female in the images looks to the right (future). The Lover looks to the left (future). I favour all cards to the right of Significator as the future. I try not to mix techniques but if I am asked a question I will scout the layout for an answer. Hope that helps. Thank you for asking this question as I’m sure other Readers are wondering the same thing. Happy Gipsy Cartomancy. Madame Seaqueen

    • Thank you very much for your answer.
      I’m afraid I am a bit slow on the uptake and I am still confused on how to decipher what events happen in the seeker’s future and past with this technique.

      Is the entire linking chain all in the point of view of the seeker and her past and future of the relationship with the Lover? Or is the chain all about future events for her and her significant other?

      For instance, in the example above, the emergency needing aid will be in her future, but the pressing situation that did not change has already come to pass since it’s on Sweetheart’s left?

      Thank you and I apologize for the remedial question.

      • Hello again.
        Your question: Is the entire linking chain all in the point of view of the seeker and her past and future of the relationship with the Lover? Or is the chain all about future events for her and her significant other?
        Answer: The linking chain is from the view of the consultant (Sweetheart) and her current/future connection with the Lover (if there is special male in her life). The past can be ascertained by (let’s not use directions in this explanation) all the cards to the left of the Sweetheart (she sits in top row of 6th column). The 3 columns to her right is the future but not necessarily all connected to the Lover man. It can be any situation coming up in her life as depicted by the cards. The card which fall beneath the Sweetheart are influences coming up relatively soon.
        In the GT the Lover sits in the first row and first column and he on Sweetheart’s left side suggesting he is not as significant or of importance to her. He is far away from her. At the same token, she falls to his right which means he places more value on his connection with her in the future (provided there are no other cards to disprove this).
        Note: the Sweetheart and Lover do not link together when reading the Houses. This confirms what I said in the above paragraph.
        Hope that sheds a bit more light on your question. Does it? Madame Seaqueen

      • Ah ha! Yes, I understand now! thank you for clarifying. I wanted to make sure I understood the intent of using the house linking method correctly. I love this deck! Thank you again! 🙂

  3. Brilliant!!! I love how you explain the cards and also putting the houses in Alphabetical order when using English. I love this system but finding good information is not easy. My husband suggested I check out your site and as usual he was right! You’re the best online resource on Gypsy (and many others as well). 🤩😍

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