Featuring Robin Wood Tarot. 4 card Reaction Layout.

In the last post I featured the Lenormand cards in the four card Reaction Layout with the pre-selected Situation card. I did mention that you do not need to pull out the card from the deck which represents the theme or category you are asking about.

Today I want to demonstrate the same layout with no specific question asked even though the card will know what the intent is. The card which falls in the Situation spot will reveal situation. As I shuffled, I asked the cards what female X needs to know about her relationship with male Y. These two people are blood relations (brother & sister) who live at a distance from each other. They have drifted apart for reasons unbeknownst to her.

The Robin Wood Tarot should reveal the circumstances around these two people which will help me to assess the Reading. I think the main concern is whether these siblings will be reunited in some way…

Reaction Layout featuring Robin Wood Tarot

Reaction Layout featuring Robin Wood Tarot

At first observation, I noticed the two Knights and have always read this duo as a confrontation or an argument. If the Knight of Swords was part of this duo I would see it as a legal battle especially since the Ace of Pentacles can represent legal papers. In this case, the argument is probably of a friendly nature or even a huge misunderstanding. The earth energy of the pentacles Knight is in square aspect to the fire energy of the wands Knight. This means a compromise is necessary or some sort of patching up in communication.  

SITUATION:  Knight of Pentacles.  The energy of this Knight is very slow and almost at a standstill. This tells me the connection between the siblings is stagnating. It appears to be a waiting game. Who will make the first move? One of these individuals is totally focused on making money and nothing else matters.

LEAVING: Ace of Pentacles.  I use the Ace as a season card when timing could be helpful. Pentacles are linked to the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.  Since Aces are the beginnings I would read this card as the beginning of winter (Capricorn). It falls in the Leaving spot (passing) it would be the past winter season or even the one prior to that.

COMING: Knight of Wands.  Knights do represent the coming and going of situations or people. I find this intriguing. The horse and knight are facing the Ace of Pentacles. There is some good news coming or some sort of connection which will most likely clear the air. The two Knight cards are opposed because they face opposite directions. Whatever this news is that is “coming” it will have something to do with the Ace of Pentacles. Often this ace is about financial ventures. Money could be an issue or it could be a situation which began in past winter months.

REACTION: 9 of Cups. Wishes will come true.  The reaction of female X will be of satisfaction. She will feel content with the results. Perhaps a little too content. What I mean by that is some people accept explanations at face value and don’t bother to dig deeper or demand apologies.

What does female X need to know about her relationship with male Y? She should know there is an unfinished financial matter which spans back a year or two. There may be some hard feelings (2 knights) which will come out into the open. She will be happy with how things develop. One important factor is she cannot just sit back and wish things to get solved. She will need to apply some energy or action by communicating (wands) with male Y. Once this is done the 9 of Cups will manifest. The wish card sometimes brings us outcomes which are generally good but the real question is was it all worth it or did it really change anything.


3 thoughts on “Featuring Robin Wood Tarot. 4 card Reaction Layout.

  1. Hello. I’ve been browsing your site for a while now, reading your posts and learning a ton. I’m so grateful for your effort and all you share. I’ve learned so much from your experience!
    I realize this is an older post, but I wanted to try this spread to help me see what’s going on in a situation, and I need a little help, as I’m still learning the lenormand and a few cards still stump me.
    My question was: what do I need to know about my relationship with X? (we were very close in the past, but haven’t been for a few years now. The person is moving back to my area and I’m unsure of their true intentions). I used the Mystical Lenormand.
    I pulled: Key- Heart- Flowers- Bear.
    Key as the situation suggests to me that new doors are opening up, and the person’s return might offer new possibilities for our relationship.
    Heart in position of leaving…? stumped. (usually I have no issues with this card, but for this position it’s confusing.)
    flowers in position of what’s coming indicates good visits, and maybe a happier relationship than before?
    Bear in position of my reaction…? stumped. (this card ALWAYS confuses me. I usually relate it to a grumpy, controlling man I know, but this time…)
    I would appreciate any help you can give me concerning the bear. I’ve read many keywords, and I’m just not sure how to apply it.
    Thank you for your time,

    • Thank you for your comment mysticwings. I like this layout. Sometimes with the Lenormand you may have to draw another card for one or some of the positions which which are not stand alone. The cards you have mentioned should be ok to read in this layout. They are pretty straight forward. Your interpretation is good. I’ll just add some comments which might shed some light on the few cards which are not so clear to you. First of all, there are no negative cards per say in the layout you did which is always a good thing.
      KEY – What do I need to know about my relationship with X? The Key card in the position of the Situation should reveal the energy around the question. You seem to have a good understanding of this card.
      HEART – this card’s influence is passing. What this means is that it is part of the past in regards to this person. It is obvious there was a close emotional bond. Often there is still some energy left over or that was it was not dealt with totally from the past.
      FLOWERS – this card’s influence in the coming position promises good vibes. It could be an invitation of some type which is how it all starts.
      BEAR – as a reaction card it is similar to an outcome card a final position. It suggests how you will respond to the results of the Situation question or circumstance. Often the last card will be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. I have always viewed the Bear card as powerful energy. This card tells me you will be more empowered than you were in the past when encountering this male in the future. It is your reaction to him and not so much a description of him.
      Hope that helps. Thank you very much for reading my blog. ❤ Madame Jozefa

  2. Madame Jozefa,

    Thank you very much for your insights, and going over these cards for this layout!
    Your explanation of the bear card has really helped me (since it’s been a frequent one for my draws over the last month. I always thought “is it trying to tell me to lose weight?” lol,) and this makes perfect sense.
    I appreciate your input on the heart card as well. I think all of your suggestions for it apply to this situation, and it clears up the confusion.

    You’re the best!

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