4 card Reaction layout featuring Lenormand cards

The four card Reaction layout is very easy to do. For an example using the Lenormand Revolution deck click —>link.

Today’s post will feature the “A S S” Konigsfurt Urania Lenormand WahrsageKarten.

I have preselected the Situation card but you don’t necessarily have to because the situation card will reflect what is most likely on your mind even if you think you are not asking a question. The cards know. For 36 card decks- Shuffle the 35 cards if you preselected the Situation card or shuffle the 36 cards. Cut them the way you normally would as long as you have one pile when you are done. Take the cards from the top of the deck in order. 

Reaction Layout featuring Lenormand cards

Reaction Layout featuring Lenormand cards

SITUATION: The card falling in position #1 will reveal the essence or energy surrounding the question.  If you were not consciously thinking of a question, this spot will suggest what area of life you should consider.  I have chosen the HEART (Jack ) cardto represent a relationship question.

To be more specific, the question is as follows:  Is female P’s current relationship long term with male M?  When the clients says long term I think she means life long.

LEAVING: An influence or person is about to leave the current scenario. It could be an experience that is just passing which makes way for something new that is about to enter your life.  This position is read as the recent past in relation to the question.

DOG (10 ):  A card of friendship, loyalty and obedience (I use that term loosely, lol). Ok, so we know this couple has a good friendship foundation. Just because the Dog card fell in the Leaving spot it does not mean the friendship is ending.  The Leaving spot is the a recent experience or connection. Their connection is rooted in friendship.

COMING: The card falling in this position will give you clues around your question or add more information to the Situation card.  Here we will find influences that are just about to happen.

FISH (King ): The more common meanings for the Fish card is financial increase, money and things of value. Some Lenormand Cartomancers assign addictions (drugs/alcohol) to this card. Is this going to be a problem in the near future between this couple.  Is one of them addicted to substance?  Or does this card mean there will be increased “value” in this relationship?

REACTION: Similar to an outcome card the final position will suggest how you will respond to the results of the Situation question or circumstance.  Often the last card will be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

MOUSE (7♣): Well, isn’t this card a kick in the teeth.  You do not want to see the Mouse card when asking about love/relationships. The relationship may be long term but it will definitely change.  Some of the romantic aspects will no longer be there and probably a companionship or friendship will remain. This happens a lot when a couple is together for many years. They become buddies and the excitement of the chase is less emphasized.

  • Heart + Mouse = love or emotional connection turning into crumbs
  • Fish + Mouse = loose connection, concerns about finances
  • Dog + Fish = functions better as a friendship
  • Heart + Dog = friendly relationship

In the mirroring technique (which I don’t use often) the Dog mirrors the Mouse. This is not the best energy because the Mouse’s energy puts a stop to the relationship developing.

Another way to look at the Mouse card is that in the future all that is not solid in this relationship will be eliminated. This could turn out to be a good thing because the fragmented aspects of the relationship can be less of a focus. Most relationships contain some areas in which the couple isn’t on the same page.

Do I see this relationship as long term? I think it will be long term but may not be the “ideal” makings of a solid relationship. The Mouse’s energy is slow. There will be worries about money (Fish+Mouse) which will become an issue.  Many couples argue about money and in turn this affects the relationship. Sometimes people stay together because of financial difficulties.

5 of Pentacles

5 of Pentacles


In the 5 of Pentacles image the couple is brought together or staying together because they have something in common – lack of faith and lack of financial resources.  The situation is “eating” away at the couple in the image.

The Mouse card reminds me of the Tarot 5 of Pentacles.


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