Asking the Titania’s Fortune (Lenormand) Cards about relationship

This post will be asking the same question as the previous one. In the last post I featured the Pages of Shustah in the 5 card ADVICE layout asking about the development of the relationship between female C and male J. I am posing the same question to Titania’s Fortune Cards which as many of you know is a Lenormand style deck from 2000.

I shuffled the cards thinking about the question. I cut the deck 3x to the left with my left hand (a habit I have had for years). I gathered up the piles after giving it some thought.  No card were pre-selected.

Many Lenormand Cartomancers take the middle card as the theme of the layout so I thought I would read the layout according to this technique. I don’t usually do that. I read left to right.  I have identified the cards with their numerical associations for those of you that add up the cards to find the “hidden or secret” message.  The cards add up to 134 = 8 COFFIN.

Titania's Fortune Cards. 2000.

Titania’s Fortune Cards. 2000.

The middle card 27 LETTER is the theme. This card corresponds to the black Gemini card in the last Pages of Shustah post.  Communication and messages are very important.

The open part of the BOOK faces the SUN card. This is excellent because it shows unknown information being revealed which will open the door to further communication (Letter).  There will be a little challenge ahead (Mountain) once all this information comes to light.  Often the Mountain card is read as a delay or block.  The LADY card represent female C.  I want to read this as something will not get through to C. She could be refusing to listen or to hear what male J has to say.

When the Mountain card is coupled with the Significator card it can show emotional isolation. It can suggest the person has constructed an emotional barrier which is a defence mechanism. We all do this at times so our feelings don’t get hurt.

A lot depends on female C since she is the last card in the layout. It seems as though she is the relationship architect in this entire scenario. I don’t normally read the added up card “secret influence” but it seems to be a common practice these days. I suppose the Coffin’s influence is the hidden factor. Things must end to be rebuilt. Something has ended the way it was.  It is time to re-invent.

The Mountain card is the only real challenging influence in the 5 card layout. The fact that the Lady card is to the right of the Mountain card is a good sign. She will overcome what lies ahead with some of this communication and laying the cards on the table so to speak.

Titania Hardie’s description of the Mountain card is as follows:

  • represents something big
  • something rock solid
  • concerned with foreign affairs
  • obstacles to surmount 

I like the “rock solid” meaning. Female C is a rock solid personality when push comes to shove.

The “foreign affairs” meaning adds a different aspect to the theme card Letter. Could some of the information or news shared have something to do with travel or overseas ventures?

The “obstacles to surmount” is a common meaning for the Mountain card. I feel pretty confident that female C will come out of all of this a much stronger person.  I don’t see any cards which specifically speak of a relationship so that tells me there is much more going on in other areas of life which needs to be addressed.

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