5 Card Advice layout featuring Pages of Shustah. Relationship Question.

Many individuals have a need to know if their relationship will develop into something with more substance and longevity. Even if you have been with someone special for several years there is always a question in the back of your mind about the relationship lasting. Often one person has a more serious view of the relationship and the other person doesn’t think about it all that much.

The 5 card Advice layout has pre-selected names for the positions. I happen to prefer this type of Reading. You, on the other hand might like to read the 5 cards differently. I know with the Lenormand decks many Cartomancers take the middle card as the theme of the layout and read the remaining cards accordingly. That technique can be done with the Pages of Shustah © as well or for that matter, any deck of cards.

Simple Question:  How will female C’s relationship with male J unfold? This hasn’t been the easiest relationship for female C. She knows what she wants – she wants the relationship. Male J is more reluctant to commit or quite possibly doesn’t view the relationship as a priority in his life.  This happens often between men and women & most likely in same gender relationships. 

5 card ADVICE layout

5 card ADVICE layout

BASIS: Why is female C asking the question?  The red Lord of Authority reveals that C feels frustrated. She can’t seem to get a handle of this relationship. She wants to know J’s intentions and feelings towards her. The Lord of Authority is telling C that “this connection” is very much out of her control. There are other factors at play.

WHAT YOU KNOW: Female C is a highly sensitive individual. She can sense energy and is getting the feeling there has been a shift in direction with male J.  The Winged Angel won’t help her at all she turns her back on the card to the right – black Gemini (communication, timing card). This Angel listens to the card on the left (Lord of Authority) but doesn’t support it. What does all that mean?

This is a period of breakdown in communication. C will need to be very patient. Since two green cards end this layout it shows the energy will become unstuck and begin to progress.

WHAT YOU ARE NOT SEEING: Black Gemini.  Female C isn’t totally aware that her communication with J is one-sided at this time. With two red cards beginning this layout the delays and obstacles are evident.  Mercury rules Gemini. This is a high, adaptable and changeable energy. The time frame of this card is May 20 – June 20. This could mean things will pick up and the lines of communication will open up more.  Since this card falls in the spot of what C is not seeing it would be good advice to follow.  C’s mind is restless because she isn’t getting the communication she needs to reassure her but things will change. The momentum will increase over the next few weeks.

ADVICE TO FOLLOW: The green Lord of Contemplation is telling C to really think things over. Does she really want to be in the relationship with male J for the right reasons. Is C’s motivation healthy? This Lord is advising C to pull back and meditate on her life direction. C’s focus needs to be re-distributed so that she sees how this male factors into her future plans.

RESULT: The Guardian Dog is a card of love. Emotional stability is promised. Female C is receiving protection from this card’s energy.  As a result card, the relationship will continue to unfold. How? It will be on friendlier terms. There is a bond between these two people which is not easily understood but it is there. The seeds of love are within the relationship and since it is a green card this promises further developments and growth.

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