Lightning + Clouds = Kaboooom!

The Old Gypsy Fortune telling cards deck (1940 Whitman Publishing) contains many cards which can be found in the Lenormand deck. Actually, common theme cards can be found throughout most of the fortune-telling cards systems. We deal with recurring issues generation after generation. Job. Love. Battles. Relationships. Travel. Fidelity. And so on….

I was riffing through the deck looking at the images to find a duo which best contains explosive energy. Two cards stood out so I removed them from the deck and placed them side by side.   This duo certainly speaks of a Kaboooom 🙂 result if you happen to get it as an answer to your question.

Old Gypsy fortune telling cards

Old Gypsy fortune-telling cards

The Lightning card certainly suggests unexpected energy which can create an unsettled situation. When coupled with the Clouds card there is a storm a brewing. The lighter side of the clouds faces to the right indicates this storm will pass but not without shaking up the situation.

Notice the dark side of the clouds blends with the dark clouds of the Lightning card. This duo can represent a rude awakening. If you asked about a relationship you may discover some information that will definitely clear up some confusion you had about it.

In business, this duo can be very positive because there will be an awareness as to what is not working. A new idea can be born out of some chaos in the work place. It’s one of those moments when the answer hits you like a ton of bricks.

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