Le Jeu du Destin Antique

The Le Jeu du Destin Antique deck consists of 32 cards. The cards in the image are © 1986 by Piatnik. This deck has the playing card insets in the top left hand corner with gentle imagery of the cards’ meaning. However, I have found the image does not always reflect the card meaning and it is more in keeping with the playing card. There are no names on this deck but they are numbered 1 – 32.  A lovely looking deck.

The 12 court cards contain the signs of the Zodiac in the upper right hand corner. This would add to the character of the court card. The 20 pip cards contain various gods and goddesses also lend another level of energy to the card.

Le Jeu du Destin Antique translates to The Ancient Game of Destiny

The 50 page booklet offers detailed information on the cards including combinations. The Three-Pile method on page 49 provides instructions on how to do a line of 9 layout. You can do this method with any deck of cards.


  • Shuffle the deck thoroughly 
  • Deal off the top 8 cards and place to the side on the table
  • Take the 9th card and place in on a clear area of the table because this is the first card of the layout of nine card
  • Count off another 8 cards and place on top of the first pile of 8 cards
  • Take the 9th card and place beside the very first card from the last round. Now you have two cards of the nine cards 
  • Continue this process again. Place the third (9th) card beside the ones from the last two rounds. Now you have three cards. Leave a little space. Continue until you have 9 cards in a row making sure there is a little space after the 6th card. It should look like this:  three cards, space, three cards, space and three cards.

Note: you will run out of cards and when you are unable to do the full 9 card count take the deck and continue counting. For example: if you count 7 and it depletes the cards continue with 8 and 9 from the full deck. Do not mix the cards just keep going through the deck.

Left pile is the Past. Centre pile is the Present. Right pile is the Future. Thus the name Three-Pile Method.

The cards in the image below were arrived at by following the above instructions.

Three Pile Method

Three Pile Method

The Past Pile: 5, 30, 20

Past Pile

Past Pile

5: 10 – personal matters, domestic affairs. Marital happiness. The home.

30: 9♠ – bad omen. Malevolent influence. Suffering. Grief. Sorrow. There are no other combination which apply which are in the booklet. For example: if this card was next to 7♠ it would mean a serious illness. With a King ♠ it suggests a lawsuit.

20: Jack  – messenger. Bringer of good/bad news depending on surrounding cards. Good news or favourable omen.

When you combine these three cards the home and a domestic situation is undergoing some challenges. Messages or news is as a result of this which should be seen in the centre three cards. The cards usually continue a themes. If you don’t know the meanings of all 32 cards with the suggested combinations you will have to look it all up in the booklet which can be frustrating. It would be a shame to write on the card. This deck has reversed meanings as well. If you plan to use this deck as your main deck there will be some memory work involved but it would be worth it as a primary deck of fortune-telling. Many Cartomancers like to know a little about a lot of decks thus never fully mastering one system in its entirety.

The Present Pile: 29, 25, 14

Present Pile

Present Pile

29: 10♠ – grief, tears. Sadness. Worries. Combined with a spade this suggests health problems.

25: Ace ♠ – official or business documents. Successful approach. Opponents defeated.

14: 9♣ – marriage, success. Financial windfall. Older client could win a lottery. Younger  client may marry.

This trio sounds like some financial compensation because of some documents which are linked to a sad event.

The Future Pile: 27, 2, 1

Future Pile

Future Pile

27: Queen ♠- envious woman. Widow. Divorced female. Flanked by hearts female is softened up.

2: King  – sincere friend. Love affair around the corner.

1: Ace  – joy, welcome encounter. Letter of friendship or love. Possible reunion since next to the King .

Interesting trio of cards suggesting a rekindling of a relationship. Shows improvement of the domestic challenges in the past pile.

Very simple interpretations.  On page 34 in the booklet there are more card combination associations.

For example: If the Ace of Hearts is near …

  • Queen Hearts- good news
  • Jack Hearts- joy, lucky in love
  • 10 Diamonds- a friend is absent
  • Another diamonds on left- a visit. On the right- a love letter
  • King Clubs- friends in high places
  • King Spades- relations with honest lawyer

So, you see a lot of information can be discovered. I’ll have to jot down all the possible interpretations from the booklet and then study the cards keeping this information in mind.

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