Special dates repeating in one’s life

Have you ever noticed how special dates repeat in your life? In the Destiny Card system each birthday is represented by one of the standard playing cards. This system has origins in Olney Richmond’s Mystic Test book. Several authors have written about this system. Today’s post isn’t specifically about that system as I have written about it in earlier years of this blog.

What I want to demonstrate is how these playing cards repeat in ones life. I will have to use some personal example to illustrate the topic of this post.

There is a Destiny Cards calendar at Scribd website. Before I go on, Robert Camp has assigned the Joker to Dec 31st, which can be seen in this calendar. I do want to note that Thomas Morrell (Mystic Quadrate System), if memory serves me right has Dec 31st with 2 playing cards, one for the AM birthday and one for the PM birthday. I will have to check on that in my 2 book set called  Master Books of Predictions.

When I speak of birthdays (Month, day) and other events I will refer to the playing cards. You should know that different months/days of the year can be represented by the same playing card.

For example:

Q♣. My girlfriend’s birthday is the same as my daughter’s which is the same day one of my co-workers got married.

K. My son’s birthday is the same as my girlfriend’s niece’s and sister’s birthday.

6. My father’s birthday is the same as my partner’s son’s birthday and the same as my ex’s day of surgery. Also, my ex-fiancé’s shares the same card but has a different birth month and day and who is married to the 3♣ listed below.

10♣. My girlfriend’s man friend died on her mother’s birthday.

3♣. My granddaughter’s birthday is the same as my ex-fiancé’s wife’s birthday.

10. My grandson’s birthday is the same as the co-worker’s birthday who got married on my daughter’s birthday Q♣

I can’t think of any more off-hand but I’m sure there are quite a few more.

……and so one.

You don’t have to use the destiny card connections you can just think about birthdays, anniversaries, deaths and other special dates. It is very interesting who shares what. There bound to be dates repeating after all there are only 365 1/4 dates to share.   🙂     🙂     🙂

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