Question for the Robin Wood Tarot

Robin Wood Tarot.6 Swords, Temperance, Ace Swords

A client’s sister wants to know if she will sell her house within three months?

In the image above I have designated potential meanings for each position of the 3 card Layout. You can assign different names or just read the three cards in accordance to your own preferences.

Featuring the Robin Wood Tarot © 1991. This is one of my top five Tarot decks I use on a regular basis.

Position 1: REASON for asking the question.  6 of Swords

This card could be read as the sister’s desire to leave her old home with the hopes of moving on. She could have an “itch” just to travel.

Position 2: PROBLEM. There is a solution within this card. TEMPERANCE

As a problem card, Temperance (major arcana) reveals there is a lack of balance in the sister’s current life. Maybe she should try re-decorating her current home to see if she still feels like wanting to get away from it.

In relation to the question the sister might have to compromise in the asking price.

Position 3: ANSWER. Probable outcome. ACE of SWORDS

I read this Ace as a season card. Autumn. It is usually the beginning of fall as swords represent the element air (Libra – approx. Sept 21st). This last card could be suggesting a longer time frame than three months.

I don’t think she will sell her home in the chosen time frame unless she lowers the price and even then, it will be a tough sale. Aces are about beginnings and the early stages of situations. Her idea to sell is most likely not rooted properly. Wanting to run away is no reason to sell. Problems follow us no matter where we move (so my mom often said).                                       🙂

One thought on “Question for the Robin Wood Tarot

  1. Hi Madame, how are you?

    I agreed with you, in the first and second cards.
    I wish to add to the second card, that the problem is her ” impatient state ”

    In the third card, i see the ace as an opportunity ” and ” a conquer ( The ace is a top card for me ).

    I think she will sell the house in the next 3 or 6 months.

    Let’s see!

    If you can, put the result here!

    Thanks for more an amazing post!!!

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