6 x 6 GT: House linking Lady card

There are many ways to read a GT (Grand Tableau of 36 cards) or full board layout.  If you like to link the Houses you probably are using a 9 x 4 or 8 x 4 + 4 layout. I find that a 6 x 6 layout gives you the same information provided you just read the Houses. If you decide to do a 6 x 6 prior to shuffle for other techniques you will certainly get ample information as well. It’s all up to you and what you like best.

Today’s post is about linking the houses. I will only cover the Lady card mainly because her linking path is not lengthy as in some GT’s when you can link every single card.  I found some very interesting intersecting Houses for this female which I will include in follow-up posts. I thing I noticed when I linked the HEART card house by house it came back to the Gentleman card but it took many houses before it got there. Also, the ANCHOR card linked back to the Gentleman card. This tells me there is a very good chance the lady will meet a male through her employment.

It’s easy to study the GT layout when you have an image in front of you or if you printed it out and are able to draw the house to house lines with a marker. Unless, you have a photographic memory of the House positions I wouldn’t even attempt this type of Reading in a one-on-one consultation. I always have visual tools with me like charts or a pad of paper so I can jot things down. This way the flow of the Reading is not interrupted with long pauses of trying remember what card is in what house when linking or as some call it “stringing”.

Lady: 41-year-old single female who is gainfully employed seeking a relationship.


6x6 GT linking Lady card

6×6 GT linking Lenormand Lady card

Not all GT House reading are like this one. You may get more houses/cards to link or in some cases none. For example: if Lady card falls in Cross House and Cross card falls in Lady House. I have come across this many times. What I do is select a “theme” card like Heart, Anchor, House and so on and begin the linking process to see how far I get.

I do want to mention that some Cartomancers begin with the house and then read the card in relation to that house. Other Cartomancers begin with House 1 rider and see where it takes them. It is my preference to begin with the card falling in the house mainly because of my Astrological background. I see the cards as transits – temporary influences passing through the Houses of the GT at the time of shuffle. You may understand this point if you have some knowledge of Astrology – it is at a basic level only. 

LADY card falls in or passes through the RING HOUSE:  Female is thinking about commitments. She is aware of relationship cycles of her life because that is what’s she was thinking about when she shuffled the cards. She desires some sort of union or continuity with one male.

RING card falls in the PATH HOUSE: The path house is about decisions and choices. This shows that the lady has made up her mind that she wants a steady man (keep the original question in mind). She has made a commitment to herself to choose this direction.

PATH card falls in the FOX HOUSE: The path card situated in this house can be read in a variety of ways. I usually do not associate work with the Fox House but you might.  What I think this placement means is that perhaps she needs to make a decision about a work function. She could decide to adopt a more cautious personality and not be so gullible where men are concerned. People get stuck in patterns and do what is most comfortable which isn’t always in their best interest. The energy of the fox house does contain a warning on some level. The female needs to be cautious on who she is meeting. It’s not all about fun and games for her and perhaps her current activities aren’t the best place for seeking a potential mate – she needs to make some changes.

Fox Card falls in the LADY HOUSE: I want to read the fox card as describing the female. She does possess a “foxy” personality and is very charismatic. It could also mean that at the current time she needs an attitude adjustment so that she isn’t holding onto any negative thoughts. The female needs to be aware that some people crossing her path right now are wrong for her. It is important that out of desperation for a relationship she not attach herself to someone because she is in need of attention.

Lady Card falls in the RING HOUSE: This completes the linking of the Lady card because the Lady House links to the Ring House and that is what we started with at the beginning.

At this point, I would find the Heart Card and begin linking the houses. You could begin with the Gentleman card as he does represent “some male”. Whether this male is around her or not can only be determined after continuing with the Reading. Rule of thumb the significant other is represented by the Gentleman card and since there is no significant other I would probably read this card as someone coming into her life. I’m only saying this because the Gentleman card is to the right of the Lady card in the layout (future). Also, because the Heart / Anchor cards link back to the Gentleman card. That’s just my overview. I’m sure you can come up with other interpretations. I just want to demonstrate one way of reading the GT Houses.   🙂

2 thoughts on “6 x 6 GT: House linking Lady card

    • Hi Sonia: I like the 6×6 fits better on the table. I am writing a post on how to read the 6×6 the usual way, rows/diagonals, Significators but no so much knighting, mirroring etc. The post should be ready in a few days. Madame Seaqueen.

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