Tarot Tower and Ace of Swords

The Tarot Tower card is usually not welcome in a layout. I have experienced this card in my life as many of you have as well. It’s not always a joyful time. However, sometimes it is welcome because changes are longed for. Featuring the Tarot of the New Vision. Llewellyn Publications © 2003. Deck by Pietro Alligo. Artists: Raul and Gianluca Cestaro. Size: 2 5/8″ x 4 3/4″.

As much as this card is filled with volatile energy and presents us with a rude awakening in some areas of our lives and its intention is to teach us all about change. Often when we do not make changes in our lives when they are overdue. We will find ourselves on the receiving end of external situations which make us deal with change one way or another. This is true in most cases but there are some situations when it doesn’t make any sense at all until months later when we have one of those “ahhhh” moments.

Tarot of the New Vision

Tarot of the New Vision


We know Aces are beginnings. They are the beginning of the four suits of the minor arcana. Each Ace contains the seed of the suit. These four suits are the four worlds of our experiences; feelings/cups, thoughts/swords, physical/pentacles and action/wands. [Dr. Paul Foster Case – An Introduction to the Study of Tarot]

Ace of Swords

Tarot of the New Vision

I really like this deck. It sheds a different view if you work with images as well as meanings. The Ace of Swords has a horseman in the left background. It looks like the horse may have been frightened by something as it is standing on its hind legs. The hand comes out of the cloud as in most traditional decks like the Rider cards. The hand holds onto the upright sword. A wreath and crown top the sword. Six yods fall from the sword. Yods represent the existence of the Divine. This is the teachings of Qabalah.

Yod is the first Hebrew letter of THVH Yahaweh – name of God. There are 72 names of God — Orna Ben-Shoshan created a brilliant deck called The 72 Names if you wish to explore this topic a little further. I’ve yet to write a review on this deck. I can tell you the card stock is excellent & the LWB is as always – detailed.

Combining TOWER + ACE of SWORDS


You would think combining the Tarot cards would be as simple as some of the sibillas like Lenormand, Kipper or Gipsy cards which are dependant in their neighbouring cards. Each Tarot card speaks volumes. How would you read this combination knowing what you know about the Tower and Ace of Swords cards?

Let’s pretend you are reading for client. To make this a bit more realistic let’s name the client Jack. You have very little background information on Jack’s life. There is no point looking for a wedding band because that could lead you astray. Many people take off their rings prior to Readings. It’s a little testing game some people play. Personally, I am not going to waste my energy trying to guess the marital status. I just ask & I ask the birthday as well if they want to tell me.  Sometimes I need to know the Astrological sign because I use it as a starting point in various layouts. Also, I do a mini numerology Reading. 

Ok, let’s pretend we are doing the basic 21 Gypsy card spread called the Romany Layout. It is a nice and easy spread of 7 cards x 3 row. —->Examples of Romany layout interpretation.

As the Past duo: You know Jack has gone through some upheavals either in his personal or professional life and maybe both as one affects the other. Jack has experienced a tough phase but through it all he has managed to pick up the pieces and move forward. A direction was decided out of some chaotic situation and purely from an intellectual level (swords). Maybe he finally saw the light and grasped onto one direction of focus as depicted by the Ace.

As the Present duo: You know Jack is going through a major change at the current time. He is in the middle of a testing period in his life. Be compassionate. Listen to what Jack is telling you. Does he confirm what you are saying? Sometimes, people who are in the midst of change don’t even realize it. Not everyone is deeply aware of situations in their lives. The more “aware” individual will try to understand what lessons are involved. Not all people look deeply into tough circumstances they just accept them. You know Jack will come out of this experience real soon since a beginning is the result of the Tower experience.  The energy of the Ace of Swords is powerful.  It is a card of determination.

As the Future duo:  You know Jack will be facing some monumental shifts affecting various areas of his life. This is a necessary part of his growth. Looks like he will have to deal with circumstances that will uproot areas of his life needing change. It’s time for Jack to let go and to release areas of his life which are no longer needed for his personal growth. It could be a business venture experiencing restructuring. It could be people leaving his life which serve no further purpose. The Ace of Swords promises that Jack will grab a hold of what is solid and move forward because he will make up his mind enough is enough.

Combining the ACE of SWORDS + TOWER

aceSword.Taower.New Vision Tarot.

Reading this duo of cards the other way around is a very different experience.

As the Past duo: You know Jack made some decisions in the past. The problem is he probably did not factor in how these decisions affected other people. He has experienced a failure. Jack started something which did not develop. He had an idea for a business project which was aborted. Despite his courage in the past experience he probably had a melt down due to the collapse of some plans.

As the Present/Current duo: Here you need to advise Jack to really think about what he is planning to do. Point out to him that there are some consequences to his decisions. He could be involved with someone else’s situation which initially is promising but did not yield the results one had hoped for. This could be anything from a medical situation, business/personal and even public situation. If you find Jack is reluctant on sharing anything going on his life (this is common) be mindful with your words of advice.  Caution is important. Also, Jack needs to slow down and re-evaluate his entire life direction.

As the Future duo: You know the Tower card’s influence will be entering Jack’s life in one way or another. Maybe you are struggling with how to tell him. There is great force in this duo.  Something totally unexpected awaits Jack. It could even be news of an unsuccessful surgery. Whatever the situation might be, look to the past and present rows for clues. Study the other cards in this row of 7 cards. This duo will be the consequences of something brewing already. Often, situations come into our lives which knock us off our pedestal. It is God’s will or the Universe sent it. It doesn’t matter how you word that it comes from outside of our control. At this point of the Reading, Jack just might confide some information so you can advise him better.  DO NOT leave Jack with a doom and gloom prediction because this duo could represent something which is NOT always obvious.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Tower and Ace of Swords

  1. I am so glad I found this! These were my cards and everything in my life is up in the air and I am in the midst of transformation.

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