Writing & Pitching a Tarot Proposal audio by Jane Boyer

The other day I listened to a very informative audio on how to write and pitch a Tarot Proposal. These tips are applicable to most writing and creative projects. Janet shares a lot of tips and if you are contemplating on writing a book or even creating a deck of cards I do recommend you listen to the audio in its entirety. It’s probably at least an hour, although, I didn’t pay attention to the exact time when I finished watching it.

The audio in the link (below the bio) features Janet Boyer, co-creator of the Snowland Tarot.  Janet is so much more…read her brief but rich bio below. I laughed quite often during this audio and not because it was funny but because Janet is quite comical and has a very contagious laugh.   🙂

Janet Boyer

Janet Boyer

click —-> Audio by Janet Boyer

The Snowland Tarot is a very unique 82 card deck.  I will write a bit more about this deck in another post  but I do want to share an image with you of 48 cards in the deck in case you haven’t seen them yet. If you click the image below you will see a larger image of these delightful cards.

You can view more cards at the following link as well —> more Snowland Tarot cards

The deck is very affordable!

Snowland Tarot image reproduced with kind permission of Janet Boyer.

Snowland Tarot by Ron & Janet Boyer

Snowland Tarot by Ron & Janet Boyer

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