growing up with Eastern European traditions.

As many of you know who read my blog I was born in Slovenia, the northern province of former Yugoslavia. My dad was born and raised not too far from the Slovenian/Hungarian border. My mom came from a picturesque village nestled in the Julian Alps about half way through the province (country now) which is also where I was born. We stayed with my paternal grandmother for a few years. I went to kindergarten in Switzerland where I learned German.

When we came to Canada in the late 1950’s my parents continued with the Eastern European traditions. It was real tough on my folks because they could not speak English and neither could I. Foreigners were not treated kindly back in those days. After a couple of years I picked up the English language and basically became the family translator at the age of 8. English is actually my 3rd language. My parents spoke predominantly Slovenian with some German & Hungarian mixture.

I realized I was very different in my pre-teens when all those psychic experiences began. I hated them. Also, I had the bad habit of telling the truth about what I felt not realizing that I was picking up on other people’s energy. This got me into a lot of trouble, lol. On top of that, being raised with strict Catholic teachings didn’t help matters. I wanted to be a nun. In those days, it was the fear of God not the love of God. But my dear parents needed to hold on to their faith especially being in a new country which was foreign to them.

The whole point of the first few paragraphs is so that you can get to know me a little more. I grew up with superstitions, magical story telling, music with strict parental guidance. My mom specialized in dream analysis and reading symbols. I listened to all of those things and never forgot anything. I have a very colourful past filled with bizarre psychic experiences.

When I write the various posts that I do I write from my Eastern European heart. I am told many times I have some sort of magical understanding of fortune-telling. It’s all very natural to me maybe because of how I was raised or maybe because I am of gypsy heritage. In my earlier years when I read professional I read the cards psychically. No wonder, I became drained after an hour session. I put my entire body into the Reading and became a channel for information. It didn’t really matter to me about the history of fortune-telling I just wanted to tell fortunes…and that’s what I did and that’s what I do-

I know I write about a wide range of topics. I blog because I love to write about fortune-telling. The Ask my Cards blog is what it is because of all the people out there like yourself who read it regularly or once in a while.

I heart You

Thank You

4 thoughts on “growing up with Eastern European traditions.

  1. I loved hearing about your background and childhood. My ex-husband’s mother who was Polish was getting senile, so we’d play simple card games with her, and it was like she was going back into her childhood. When we played the card game War and a King and Queen would turn up at the same time, she’d suddenly get all coy and giggle that there was going to be a wedding. I suddenly saw how the cards could represent everyday omens in the folk culture.

    • Thank you for your comment Mary. My folks played cards every weekend with their friends. The women cooked and the men drank the home made wine they made. I have fond memories of this. They sang, played music, told jokes and laughed. It was like having parts of Eastern Europe in the house, lol. From a young age I was exposed to reading symbols, how to recognize what the animals sounds signify and especially how to read energy. I can really relate to what you are saying about your ex’s mom. Jozefa Seaqueen

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