How & Why the 20 card Lenono Yellow deck was created by Paris Debono

How & Why the Lenono system was born and the benefits of using it.

Introduction by the creator Paris Debono.

“The 20 card Lenono system is based on the traditional Lenormand 36 card system. I noticed in Lenormand that some cards were similar and could even be condensed into one card. For example the BIRDS and LETTER cards are both about information and communication. The MOUNTAIN and the CROSS are about difficulty and blockage. When I started teaching Lenormand I saw that a lot of my students were getting overwhelmed with the variations of the Lenormand system.”  

Maybe you have discovered this as well.

“When all the 36 cards were laying on the table and reading them with all combinations possible, it was too much for most beginners to handle. Even I get overwhelmed staring at 36 cards, lol, and I’ve been reading over 4 decades. I saw that many students would give up. There are so many ways to read the Lenormand and yes, it can be confusing. It takes years to really understand and work with it. I thought that there should be a way to make that a lot easier and with that in mind, I created the Lenono.”

What a fantastic idea. I would love to add this deck to my collection.

“A big difference with Lenormand cards is for instance, how to read the cards. Lenormand focuses on where the WOMAN or MAN cards are located, the cards around them and how past, present and future can be seen. This is a very time consuming way of reading because literally all themes in someone’s life will be handled. That is why it is not so common to do a Lenormand Grand Tableau very often.”

I would do a GT reading every 2-3 months & once every 6 – 8 months for someone else wanting a full Reading.

“Most traditional Lenormand wouldn’t use it for just one question. Using the housing system in this old fortune telling system is a less common way of reading the cards which is a pity because it gives tons of information.”

“Since the Lenono has only 20 cards to learn, the Grand Tableau (called the Mini Tableau) is decreased to 20 places. Reading the Lenono is a modern way of fortune telling. You use the Housing system as a starting point and follow that line, which means you look closely at where the cards land and how they interact with that house plus the cards that follow.”  

I think this is an outstanding concept. 

“You can focus on one or two important subjects, such as love, work or life in general. Looking into it more deeply is possible, too, because you can use the same ways of reading as with the Lenormand by looking at the Significator’s spot (MAN or WOMAN) and cards around them. You can use the knighting technique, the interaction with the corners, past/present/future, etc.”

“As a professional card reader myself, I started to test Lenono readings on paying clients and discovered that it’s easy to read with and get to the point. Lenono gives very deep and powerful Readings that to me, match up to the Lenormand.”

“The Lenono is now a completely stand alone and great fortune telling system with matching cards that give you pretty clear answers. A great and easy way for beginners to start with readings before they start with the Lenormand.”

I want to thank Paris for that informative introduction to the Lenono Yellow Deck system.

—–> Do watch this 9:06 minute video demonstrating the mini tableau interpretation using the 20 card Lenono Yellow deck. It is a finely crafted demonstration on how to read cards using meanings and techniques you may already know. I really love this deck!!

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