about Lenormand cartomancy including the Tower card.

The Lenormand Tower Card sports the 6♠ playing card inset. The 6♠ has many different meanings from various cartomancy systems.  Unless you understand and “use” one playing card system you will encounter some difficulties when trying to make sense of the playing card meanings.  There are two card systems on the Lenormand cards. The images with the corresponding meanings and the playing cards which were used for games and probably fortune-telling as well. The odd time, the image and the playing card meaning are on the same wavelength. Many Cartomancers do use the playing card Court Cards along with the image but when it comes to the pips that’s another story. Often the Court Cards are read as the Tarot Courts if one is versed in Tarot.

TOWER. 6 of Spades

TOWER. 6 of Spades. PIATNIK.

If you don’t want to read the playing card insets then you should consider buying a deck which doesn’t have them.

6 of Spades. TOWER.

6 of Spades. TOWER.

Little playing card glyphs like 6♠ won’t throw you off as much as seeing the complete card.

To make your life easier while embarking on the Lenormand cards journey don’t try to hard to fit the playing cards into your Lenormand interpretation. I’m not saying the playing cards aren’t important. They are part of the Lenormand pattern of cartomancy. There are connections to game playing and also to fortune-telling. There is a way to use both cartomancy systems  but I feel this is more for the advanced Cartomancer, one who has learned to stop making connections to the Tarot cards.

You can do whatever you want when reading the Lenormand cards. You can follow “tradition” or you can follow your “intuition” or you can follow someone’s book/ on line teachings. I think you should develop your own style by memorizing a few meanings, train yourself how to read combinations and understand some layouts. Of course, there are techniques that go along with that like knighting, mirroring, reading Houses, etc. By going slow & steady you will become a very good Reader of Lenormand cards.  Joining groups and forums is helpful but you need to remember that everyone comes from the different level of understanding. Originally, I was rooted in Lenormand tradition but I feel there is ample room for experimentation.

In a Reading, the Tower card announces several possibilities:

  • a separation between people, situations and things
  • an authority figure or organization
  • an isolated state of mind. Loneliness.
  • a building. Something or someone tall.
  • the Ego

The Tower card can take on a different meaning when combined with other cards but its “core spirit” remains in tact. Depending on which deck you are using you might get a different feeling from the image. You are not always in the same mood when you read the cards and this can affect the summaries you come up with. An individual’s personality has some bearing on how they read the cards. Some cartomancers can recognize patterns easier than others while other cartomancers can’t see the forest for the trees. Most cartomancers see something while others just cannot connect the dots (meanings). If you are struggling to learn the Lenormand cards then perhaps you are just trying too hard. Maybe you are getting bombarded with so many different opinions on how you should read the cards that it is all starting to sound like some foreign language you don’t understand.

Keep your process of learning simple because the Lenormand cards are a simple system of fortune-telling. Just remember that the images in the cards mostly reflect the meaning of the card. The images are a Universal language which are understood globally. There would only be a few image symbols which would provoke different meanings from certain parts of the world.

Have fun learning to colour the Lenormand cards!

26. The Book

26. The Book. Dust Bunny Lenormand.

2 thoughts on “about Lenormand cartomancy including the Tower card.

  1. Dear Seaqueen, this was a very helpful overview of Lenormand cards, especially for a neophyte. I would like to ask what “mirroring” means? The rest, I could follow as a neophyte myself. Also, I do not and cannot ascribe any meaning to the playing card insets as I do not know much about how to read Tarot cards. In some ways, I think this is a positive. But I do note that many Cartomancers do take playing card markings into consideration, i.e., Queens facing each other, which just flies straight over my head. Mentioning this in case you want to do a blog post on it. Thanks for your regular posts and clear language.

    • Hi Julie: Thank you for your comment. Mirroring is a technique used by some Cartomancers. At the following link is a detailed description on this technique which you might find helpful –> http://learnlenormand.com/advanced-techniques-reading-lenormand-grand-tableau-3/
      Yes, I use directions when I read. The way a Court card faces tells me a lot. Also, I take into consideration the way the images faces as well. For example, the Scythe card. When the pointed part of the scythe faces a card that card will get a jolt of energy usually sudden. The blunt side of the scythe card usually nudges a card as a reminder to do something or pay attention to the meaning.
      I can offer a post in Court card directions but the problem with that is that various decks sport various playing card images. The standard playing cards are a little different than some of the German/French playing cards in the directions they face. There are several posts on directions on the blog as well. Madame Seaqueen.

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