Job Question. Advice Layout. Robin Wood Tarot.

Currently female M is feeling unappreciated on her job. Employers often forget that sometimes employees need only a few kind words of acknowledgement especially if the individual goes that extra mile on their job. Female M is considering changing jobs.

I like doing shorter layouts for such questions. The Advice layout consists of 5 cards and is quite simple to follow. There are many detailed examples —->Click Here  that feature many different decks of cards.

Female M is wondering if she will change employment within 3 months.

Featuring the © Robin Wood Tarot. 2001. Publisher

Robin Wood Tarot. Advice Layout.

Robin Wood Tarot. Advice Layout.

The BASIS: Page of Wands. This card brings some good news around a work situation. Sometimes it is an announcement. As the basis of the question it fits in perfectly because we are asking a job question. The energy looks positive.

What you KNOW: 2 of Pentacles. This position usually reveals what the client is already aware of at the current time surrounding the question. Female M is trying very hard to stay in balance. Wood’s depiction of the person walking a tight rope really does show the spirit of this pentacle card. Female M is juggling two equally important situations and hoping she does not lose control. Often this card refers to two sources of income.

What you are not seeing: The EMPEROR. I think this card represents female M’s character. She is not seeing her own strengths. It’s almost as though she is “fathering” everyone at work. This card is about decision-making, leadership and emotional control. Female M could be taking on more than she should by making decisions which are not part of her job description. I’m not totally sure on that because I don’t know exactly what type of work she does. Decision-making is part of “fathering”,

The other thing is the Emperor is not an action card. It deals with logic and reason…thinking process. Female M needs to do something about her situation. Thinking about all the things she dislikes and how she would change those things is only part of the solution. A plan needs to be implemented.  We’ll see what advice the Tarot is offering in the next card.

ADVICE to follow: 7 of Wands. Female M needs to stay on the high ground throughout this entire process. She is in a position of advantage which means she should re-evaluate her current desires about leaving her job. Is it all that bad for such a radical decision? This card is advising M that she has all the skills needed to  keep the challenges of her current job at bay. She needs to look at her contribution to her current job because she is wearing the Emperor’s hat. However, does she want to continue adopting additional work which is affecting her personal happiness?

RESULT: The Judgement Card. Here we have another major Arcana. This card is about re-inventing herself. It’s a re-birthing card. Out of the ashes of the past a new direction can manifest. Judgement does suggest a change of position. New possibilities and opportunities await female M. A choice is inevitable. If M doesn’t decide the Universe will step in.

Robin Wood Judgement card

Robin Wood Judgement card

The naked woman in the image suggests purity of intent. Female M will get through this current dilemma with her job. She will find the courage to move on. She will make that tough decision and regain her self-worth and not feel guilty about it.  Is there a new job with the next 3 months? It does look promising. I don’t usually mirror cards but it is interesting that the Page of Wands mirrors the Judgement card – good news is coming regarding a change with work which will benefit female M.

2 thoughts on “Job Question. Advice Layout. Robin Wood Tarot.

    • Thank you for your comment Amel and for trying out the 5 card Advice layout. I find it quite informative. Each position can be altered somewhat for example: what you are not seeing can be changed to What you do not know. Madame Seaqueen.

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