Celtic Cross featuring Medieval Scapini Tarot

Celtic Cross featuring the Medieval Scapini Tarot created by Luigi Scapini. Published 1985 © U.S.Games systems, Inc. The nearly mint condition vintage 29 year old deck is shown in the images mainly for it’s magnificent art work and to demonstrate the topic of today’s post. You can purchase the Premiere Edition at —>publisher’s link.

The Reading below is a six month (predetermined time frame at time of shuffle) general forecast for Veronica. She usually gets a Reading every couple of years if there are no pressing matters. In the past, she had difficulty securing work. Those Reading can be found in the archives under Example readings – case study, Veronica.

Veronica is not asking any specific questions this time and is curious what she should know about the next six months or so. I chose the Medieval Scapini Tarot to explore what the cards have to say.

The image below is the complete Celtic cross. You will notice that I placed the Outcome card beside the Others position. I do that sometimes so I can get closer view. By doing this it does not change the Outcome at all. These cards are quite long measuring at 3″ x 5 1/4″.

Medieval Scapini Tarot

Image 1: Medieval Scapini Tarot

Before I continue I want to mention that you may lay out the positions differently than I do. Notice I did not select a Significator card. I used to use it for years and years but stopped. If I were doing this Reading in a private session I would remove the four Queens and ask the female to pick one. Then all the Queens went back into the pack and we would continue with the shuffle. If it was an older male I would remove the Kings. A lot depends on the maturity of the person and the intent of the Reading. Many times I would remove the Pages and Knights instead of the Queens and Kings.

Veronica chose Queen of Wands. This card did not appear in the layout but the Queen of Swords did in the Others spot. This tells me something right there…will get into that when I get to position 8 of the Celtic Cross.

Most Tarot practitioners place card 1 and card 2 the same way as seen in image 1. Card 2 is the crossing card (horizontal position). I turn it a bit when I study the layout (see image 2 below). By turning it this does not change the meaning because this card is read upright unless of course, you are including reversals then it is read in reverse provided it falls reversed.

Image 2: two of cups crossed by page of cups

Image 2: two of cups crossed by page of cups

The ENERGY around VERONICA on the day of shuffle: 2 of cups crossed by Page of Cups.

2 of Cups tells me she is thinking about a relationship or about some situation where emotional understanding is important. Often this is a friendship card. Maybe she is thinking of a close friend or loved one. The Page of Cups as the crossing card provides overall energy to the time frame of the Reading which is 6 months. In the image you can see that this Page is holding a feather. I like to read feathers as the ability to see the lighter side of situations. I think the crossing energy for Veronica is not a hindrance or obstacle. She will most likely be more care free over the next several months. If she gets “stuck” she should remember not to take things real serious. The Page of Cups also represents the beginning stages of an emotional situation maybe a loving friendship (2 of cups).

I read card 3 beneath card 1 as the root or foundation of the Reading. The Knight of Swords shows that Veronica has had a chip on her shoulder about something. The energy of this card is not so easy to deal with. She may have possessed a more defensive attitude. This is still carried over to card 4 situated to the left of card 1.  I read this position as energy which is on its way out of the consultant’s life. Here we find the 5 of Wands. The battle still continues. I have to wonder if this is not just an internal battle on whether she should take a chance on the 2 of cups…feelings for a friend.

Card 5 is above card 1. I read this in two different ways depending on my gut feelings at the time I am studying the cards. Mostly, I read it as a possible future. I study the Outcome card at the same time. The crowning card is a Major Arcana. The Temperance card’s meaning should be heeded. Balance is vital. The Outcome card is pretty good. The 3 of Cups is filled with promise of emotional success and gaiety. The other way to read the Temperance card is as a card of the distant future. It’s up to you how you read the crowning card. I never know how I will read this card until I study the layout.

Before Veronica lies card 6 the Knight of Pentacles. This situation is probably about 2 months down the road. I use approximately the same time frame as for card 4 the passing influence. Notice there are 2 Knights in the layout. To me, this suggests an argument or fight with someone. At the very least it is a confrontation of some sort. The Knight speaks of financial situations which are slow and steady. Veronica should not expect fast results in any situation involving money.

Card 7 represents Veronica. It’s where she’s at. Another major Arcana. The Chariot card tells me she is in much more control and focused than in past months. She is trying very hard to take ownership of her feelings. We have 2 major Arcana cards suggesting balance. Card 5 Temperance talks about doing things in moderation. Since it has appeared in the layout the energy of this card is at her disposal.

Card 8 the Others position. The card falling here can represent another person or it can tell us how others see her. The Queen of Swords is not supportive of any financial dealings as the butt of the Knight’s horse is facing her. I see this Queen as another female involved in Veronica’s life over the next 6 months. She could be connected to work or she could be a family member.  At first, I thought maybe other people see her as being hard-nosed with a stern approach to life but this didn’t feel right.

Card 9 is usually read as Fears and Hopes. Many times when a court card falls here I have seen it to represent an actual person who has something to do with the Outcome (3 of Cups). The King of Cups is a really nice man and he will be part of Veronica’s reason to celebrate and rejoice. This King is looking into the layout almost right at the 2 of Cups.

Card 10 is the most likely outcome of the Reading. We have a wonderful card. It looks like Veronica will be very happy. Look at all the beautiful symbols in the card below. Can’t ask for a much better outcome. I think that a romantic relationship is going to develop and she will overcome any hurdles put before her. The only thing she needs to get past is the Queen of Swords’ influence. This queen can be a downer but it is not her fault as she has had her share of hardships. I guess, in a way she is intellectually overprotective.  Veronica will work hard (Knight of Pentacles) to regain her happy state of mind which I feel she doesn’t have completely at this current time. She will succeed and the 3 of Cups is waiting for her – she will be emotionally blessed.

3 of Cups

Image 3: the 3 of Cups

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