Daily draw – Masonic Tarot The Hermit

My Tarot training (started 40 years ago) is deeply rooted in Case’s teachings (BOTA/Qabalah) although I have my own blend of understanding. I gained this level of understanding through countless numbers of Readings but there was more to it than that. I learned to listen to my Inner Voice as you should. I share most of my “intuitive findings” which are part of the visions I receive. It is not easy to live in my skin 🙂 especially being so sensitive to energy on such a large-scale. I honour traditional teachings of our foremothers & forefathers and at the same time question them.

I used to be quite disciplined in doing one card Tarot draws. Over the last decade I have immersed myself into practical research involving various other cartomancy systems. Not only that I experienced some tough personal lessons like losing my male partner of 8 years, a close girlfriend who was my spiritual sister,  a job I absolutely loved 6 months before my mom & dad passed away 4 months of each other. At the same time I was blessed with my first grandchild, my grandson with my granddaughter to follow 12.5 months later. Talk about endings and beginnings……& through it all I continued to create, write and heal. My cards were my best friend and provided me with guidance through all these different stages of growth.

I do think changes are inevitable but it is really important to stay open-minded when you are learning a system. If you don’t, you pretty much close the book on ever developing beyond what is within that system.

Masonic Tarot Hermit card

Masonic Tarot Hermit card

Cards are a tool. If I tell you that you can only do “such and such” with that tool then you will never know that you can do “so much more”. You do need to know how to use the tool, though. There is always a set of instructions when you purchase a “tool” but that is just the basics. Creativity is not within the instructions. You learn creativity through experience and experimentation.  

So, it’s quite interesting that I drew The Hermit today as my guidance card.

In the image you can see the Astrological glyph for Saturn right above the lantern that the hermit (sacred teacher) is holding. Saturn is considered a malefic planet. This means it brings us lessons which are often negative in nature but that is how we learn to appreciate the positive things in life. This planet has a restrictive energy which is important when you take on responsibility.  Discipline cannot be successful if you are all over the place. There needs to be a consolidated energy to manifest results.

I am intrigued by magic squares of any proportion. In the upper background you can see the 3 x 3 Saturn square which by the way is the block of 9 which many Cartomancers use in readings. All the rows, columns and diagonals add up to 15 and the total of the 3×3 square is 45 = 9 the Hermit. Somewhere in there is the Devil’s (15) influence as well as the Lovers (6) and that is a whole other post. 😉

The hermit wears a key around its neck. This symbol is often connected to secrets which are only revealed to truth seekers. If you want additional information involving this particular key in rituals  —>click LINK.  The hermit has an abundance of knowledge and will share it with those who follow the light of the lantern.

There is a fairy tale story behind the snakes in the image written by Goethe. You can read about it at the following —->click LINK. I’m not going to get into this because my daily draw is about what the symbols mean to me. Snakes do represent wisdom and also change.  Sometimes you need to change your attitude to allow wisdom to enter.

If you drew the Hermit as a daily draw card it can be suggesting to think things over. It’s not about ego-driven thoughts. The day is about reflecting on what you already know. Do you need some advice? Is there someone you are ignoring because they are offering you ideas which are different from your own? Stop thinking so much about what it took you to get to where you are. We all experience solitude. Maybe you should just go out and not be alone today.


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