ForTheSeekers Caravan of SEE’ers Novice “blue” Deck

Jennifer Kast’s Caravan of SEE’ers Novice (blue) deck is featured in today’s post. There are three decks belonging to this group. Novice (blue), Intuition (red) and Cartomancer (gray). If you click the images below you will be taken to Jennifer’s Etsy shop where you can purchase them at an affordable price and see other cards in the group.

Cartomancer "gray" deck.

Cartomancer “gray” deck.

Intuition "red" deck

Intuition “red” deck

Novice "blue" deck

Novice “blue” deck

Today’s Reading is part of the “Seven Gypsies” Spread which you can find on one of the cards in the deck (see below images). I have left most of the cards face down as I want to read only (a) State of Mind and (g) Later in life positions of this layout. The Reading is for a male as you can see by the Male Significator card. When you flip this card over you have the Female Significator (see image below showing the sheet with the meanings as well).

Caravan of SEE'ers Instruction sheet, cards by Jennifer Kast

Novice blue deck. Instruction Sheet. Female Significator card -flip side Male Significator. Layout card. 4 Aces with meanings upright and reversed.

The deck was shuffled thoroughly with some random cards placed in the reversed positions.
(a) State of Mind: Queen of Clubs, 8 of Spades, 8 Clubs

Left side of Seven Gypsies Spread

Left side of Seven Gypsies Spread

Interpretation based on meanings on the actual cards: The male of the Reading is thinking about a dark-haired lady. She is “intelligent, affectionate, generous and well liked”. She also possesses a high standard of living. It looks like this Queen ♣ is experiencing some “bleak circumstances”. The male consultant is aware that this female is experiencing some disappointments. There could be some travel ahead 8♣ or at the very least a “hectic” time which will probably involve him. The last card signifies “good fortune” so all will turn out ok for the Queen ♣ and the male consultant can stop thinking about her issues. The number 8 signifies regeneration and change (see instruction sheet)

(g) Later in Life: Queen of Diamonds, 10 of Diamonds, 6 of Diamonds

Right side of Seven Gypsies Spread

Right side of Seven Gypsies Spread

Interpretation based on meanings on the actual cards:  The Queen of Diamonds represents a fair/red-haired female. She is “outgoing, energetic and fun”. This female has “strong intuition and offers loyalty”. This is another female in the male consultant’s life that will play a significant role later on in life. Two diamonds cards flank her suggesting success in finances with the promise of security in business and family. The 10 does suggest travel as well. 

I think this last position of the layout can be pre-determined if you ask a question with a time frame. This is a great little deck which will introduce you to the world of cartomancy. All the meanings are on the cards. Of course, you will most likely discover other meanings the more you play with them. I will write a review on the Novice deck over the next few weeks and it will be featured at Ask my Reviews website.

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