Asking the regular playing cards ….

A client of mine telephone me this morning expressing a concern for her adult daughter. I don’t have many details around the reason behind the question being asked with the exception that it is health related. Her daughter hasn’t been feeling well and had made some physical discoveries which need medical follow ups.

I do not provide specific medical readings and feel strongly that a person seek appropriate professionals on this topic. My client shuffled her own playing cards and told me what they were. I used my Crooked Deck (since it was the nearest deck on the table) and laid the cards out. 

QUESTION: Client asked if her daughter will be OK?  

For a close up – Click the image

Crooked Deck.  A.Freed Novelty Inc, NYC, 1969.

Crooked Deck. A.Freed Novelty Inc, NYC, 1969.

In the above image are a few meanings for each of the cards in case you don’t know them. The cartomancy system meanings are from Regina Russell’s Card Readers Handbook.

ACE OF SPADES ♠ shows a decision to be made. It also means the question is definitely a new set of circumstances arising from the past 10 and 4♠.  The 7 often represents a pleasant surprise, however, topped with a spade I am not so sure it will be all that pleasant.

KING OF DIAMONDS  in this particular layout suggests he is a doctor as it touches the 8♠ indicating a medical appointment.  He may also be someone from the past (family physician) as well since he is coupled with the 7 the card of repetition.

There are three spades in a row showing a potential health related situation.

4 of SPADES ♠ is the card of illness. Since this card falls in the past it confirms the daughter is not feeling the best. The 4♠ combined with the 10 suggests a skin condition such as a rash, hives, etc. This is correct. When determining what the problem is you look to the card next (above/below) to it. I’m not going to do this step for the reasons I mentioned above.

Will her daughter be OK is a very general question which can be answered with she’ll be ok but there a some “real” challenges coming up whereby medical attention is needed. The question was not specific about a health concern so the cards are providing an answer which my client is most likely thinking but not asking.

When reading the cards in relation to medical conditions it is important to refrain from offering a diagnosis or prognosis that is specific in nature. What is your cartomancy code of ethics?

June 22/15 Update:  The daughter was referred to a specialist.  It has been determined she has a non invasive lump in her abdomen near the gall bladder. She is ok and feels better now that she knows. No one is really worried about it and they have monitored it over the past year or so. 

4 thoughts on “Asking the regular playing cards ….

  1. Thank you for that quick reply to my question. It’s perfect that your spread highlighted the gall bladder card, 8S. This is a great example of how a worrisome health reading ending in the AS is not indicating death from it but a new situation. Thanks again!

    • Thank you for asking. The 7H often represents follow up appointments (in health related questions) as it is a card of repeated cycles. So, if you couple 7H with AS a person can predict a decision for follow up appts. The 8S ended the layout and within that card is a hint for further investigation.
      I have found R.Russell’s meanings excellent but also have discovered other combination meanings for the cards via trial & error. 🙂

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