tips in reading Pages of Shustah: Green 9 Blue 2 Yellow 14

The Pages of Shustah© system is one of my top 3 cartomancy systems I use on a regular basis. My journey with this deck has been astounding. Studying any systems requires dedicated study time and honest evaluations of your predictions.

Today’s question is rather simple in its nature. A female acquaintance is attending a function today and wondered if all will go well.

I was relieved that no red cards appeared even though the red cards are some of our greatest teachers. When reading layouts with designated meanings it is very important that you read the card falling in that spot accordingly. The energy of the card is primarily meant for that position and once that is established you can tied in the findings with the remainder cards.



PREMISE: This first position is the basis of the question. It is the reason you are asking the question. This card provides the foundational energy of the question. It is vital that you understand this because sometimes we ask one question but are really asking something else. Be precise in forming your question.

The green Mammoth is a card of the ancient past.  How would this tie in to the question the female asked? Is the function she is attending tonight Karmic in nature? I think all situations are Karmic in nature. The message I see coming from the mammoth is that she will most likely be repeating a situation so that she is reminded of the true lesson. Make sense? Judging the remainder of the card this will probably not be an emotionally shattering experience. 🙂

SOLUTION or PROBLEM:  Most of our solutions are found within our problems and many of our problems are because of our solutions. Sometimes it is a vicious cycle. Let’s see, how do I want to read blue Child and Puppy. Is it a problem or is it a solution?

We need to study the card for its meaning before we can do anything else. You will find that you will get insights just by looking at the images. If you meditate on the image long enough you could see some movements in the animal/person or thing. 

Before I go on I don’t really see the green Mammoth as any threat so I am not going to read the second position as a solution. I am going to read blue Child and Puppy as a problem.  Tip: if the first card reflects an obvious problem then most likely you would read the second position as a solution. 

Ok, as a problem blue Child and Puppy speaks of emotional attachments. This card also grants small emotional wishes. How could this be a problem? I think the female may not be totally prepared for some aspects of tonight’s function. She is holding on to the puppy in a very protective way. Look at her boots. They seem oversized suggesting she will fit into the activities of the function to some degree but not totally.

RESULT:  The yellow Lord of Power is the outcome or consequence of attending the function. This card also answers the question. With some applied concentration I feel all will turn out fine. The female will surround herself with positive energy and focus/concentrate on having the best possible time she can. She will overcome some of the awkwardness she experiences because she will recognize that she has dealt with it to some degree in the past.

Over all, the function will turn out in her favour. In fact, she may get more out of the experience than anticipated. She will learn that she can handle situations by staying close to her true nature. 

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The best card Reader is the one who understands the deck they are using.


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