Dust Bunny Lenormand Path, Woman & Garden

Featuring the Dust Bunny Lenormand by Marcia McCord.

Dust Bunny Lenormand

Dust Bunny Lenormand

Question: Will there be news of another royal baby for Kate Middleton & Prince William within 2014?

Here’s a simple interpretation of these three cards.  What do you see? 

PATH: some decision about another baby has been discussed. Seems she is on the fence about this.

WOMAN: possibly represents Kate

GARDEN: points to a public event or announcement

Yes or No?  There is subtle evidence in the Garden/Park card that there will be favourable news around this.

2 thoughts on “Dust Bunny Lenormand Path, Woman & Garden

  1. I think someone will pressure Kate for having another baby but she is not sure about wanting this,there is a lack of direction for Kate indicated by Path before Lady’s card.She seems to be very picky about what others think (Lady followed by Park)

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